Creating a future inducement (NLP)

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The last time we discussed what "energizing future" and why we need it.It's time to learn on their own to build it for yourself.

next series of steps will provide us the ability to produce impelling future.

Step 1

Unlike the previous examples, impelling future required in certain situations (health, for example), usually located within a long time frame, covering at least a few years in the future.
order to develop a long-term energizing the future, you must first create a complete visual representation (an image) itself in the future.

Sit in front of a mirror and using their creative abilities, as would a person engaged in special effects in the movie make over his face so that the future has become a reality for you.
Remember, the purpose of this exercise - not to scare or discourage you the consequences of aging, but rather to give you experiences that could affect your present behavior so that you take care of yourself now, in order to live well now and in the future."I" created by you - it is the "I" in your future, and his well-being depends on your current actions.

That is, if you can not save money for retirement, if you neglect your relationships, overeat, drink, smoke, use drugs or lazy, for it primarily to pay your future "I".

Step 2

When you perform the first exercise, you will be easier to create your image in any possible future for you.

To enhance the reality of your future image, determine the future of time - two years, five years, ten years later - and imagine your future "I" of the time standing in front of you.

may help you to do this mirror in which you look and it magically reflects the future.
when you can see yourself clearly, imagine that you are approaching, and physically become this way.Feel what you feel, being there.

Feel what it means to be in its future body.Take a deep breath and explore the sensations that accompany a stay at a given age.

then depart again, again, look at yourself in the future, and ask your future "I" that it wants from you now.
listened carefully to the answer because your future, "I" is likely to be reassuring in regard to the development of healthy, wise and productive habits in the present.

If we're not to listen and not react on their own future, "I", then who will?No matter what it is, write down exactly what you want from your future, "I".You can start with the phrase:

My future wants me to ...

Also, another way to design your image to encourage the future, is to observe people who are older than you, for people who are not much older and much more.

Thinking about each of them individually, imagine that you - like them.Who among them is an attractive future in which you once wanted to grow?
Before reading further, using these two methods, and practice in the construction of the image of their future, "I»

Step 3

next step in creating a future for themselves inducement is both positive and negative self-esteem in the present.

Wandering across the breadth of who you are as a person, to critically assess where you live, your family life, personal relationships, health, career, finance, appearance, etc.

This must be your own honest assessment of what is in reality, and not what it could be.

example, a very general assessment would be:

• Housing - the house in a prime location, but in need of repair.
• Marriage - a mutually enriching.
• Children - happy, healthy, doing well in school - but I do not spend as much time with them, no matter how much like / a /.
• Health - mediocre.I eat badly and do not go in for sports.
• Career - beautiful, but not focused.There is no certainty where it will lead.
• Finance - less than reliable, but allow good hold on the surface.No long-term plans.
• Appearance - as well as health.I'm not good enough for a watch.

be continued.

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