How to move contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android": all the details

Many users are concerned about how to transfer your contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android", so in this article we decided to talk about how this is done.It will be presented several working ways by which you can successfully perform such a procedure.In fact, it does not matter with a phone, you must copy the contacts to the device, which works on a mobile platform "Android" as cited methods are universal.We will be represented sufficiently detailed instructions.And even if you are a beginner, all you get, because you will be able to visually examine the information.


Next we move on to the question of how to transfer contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android» (VCF-data).To find the answer, you just need to carefully read the article.Of course, when you have a large number of contact data that should be moved to a new phone, you need to find a quick and working method.After all, if you refer to the manual version, then it will need to allocate a fairly large amount of time.If you have no desire to engage in this matter, please contact the Service Center or to a private specialist who can perform such a procedure on their own and in a short time.But for this service, you will need to pay.If you do not want to give money for the work that it is possible to perform on their own, it is recommended to read the instructions, which we have for you below.


recently appeared very interesting and easy way with which you can transfer all the necessary data, for example, from the Symbian platform or Windows Mobile operating system "Android".Since this method is new, it can be assumed that few people know about it and, accordingly, suffer, suffering all manually from one device to another.Such a function can be called "Transfer", and to use it, we need to have an account on the system "Yandex".In this system, there is an interesting service "Disc", by which we will be able to safely and securely transport their contacts from one mobile device to another.With this method you will quickly decide the question of how to transfer contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android" ("Samsung", "Sony" or a device from another manufacturer).You will be required to perform only a few clicks - and all the names and numbers will appear in the new device.

Service Contacts

If you want to know about the second method, but rather, how to move contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android" through "Google", you should carefully read the instructions below.When using this method, you necessarily need to refer to the service Google Contacts, from which you can also perform the necessary operation without loss and very quickly.If you know little about the mobile platform Android, we can tell you that this system is able to perform automatic synchronization of contacts between various services and, consequently, all the data will be saved under your account.If necessary, you can throw them on any mobile device and a PC or laptop.

Wireless connection

Let's now talk about how to move contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android" via "Bluetooth".For this procedure, as you might understand, you will need two mobile devices that support this transfer function.Otherwise, you can simply transfer all your contact information on the laptop, and then use the USB-cable to transport them to a new device.In fact there is nothing complicated, the most important thing - to understand in detail how to move contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android", and choose the most optimal way to benefit them now there are several.


For example, if you decide to use the service Google, in this case, you definitely need to log in to your account, and then synchronize with the first mobile device.If you have previously used the services of the portal, it is likely that the union took place in the automatic mode.Nevertheless, we recommend that you do it manually if you recently added new rooms, which may have not yet been processed by the system.In fact, how to move contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android", you can find out directly on the service.At the same time, when you log into your account from the second device, you will be automatically prompted to update not only contact information, but also other parameters.


In fact the whole process of moving data from one device to another is simple.You should be able to easily figure out how to transfer your contacts with the "Nokia" with "Android".We have brought to you some actual ways that we hope will help you.Finally, a few words on Symbian OS, as most classical Finnish manufacturer of smartphones running on this platform.Few people know that the founders of the project in 1998 were made by several companies: Motorola, Ericsson, Psion and, of course, Nokia.In 2008, it was announced the merger MOAP, UIQ, S60 and Symbian OS to create a single, open platform.Thank you for your attention.