How to choose a foundation color Skin Tips

beauty, freshness, charm - a special privilege that Mother Nature bestows is not for everyone.Once the role of the heroine's beloved fairy tale, certainly very few people would have heard of the magic mirror: "You are beautiful, no doubt ...".Although, if you apply certain tricks offered by manufacturers of cosmetics, can be compared to the chances of Snow White in the majority would be considerably increased.

After the path to perfection in modern women are not so thorny and complicated as those of their distant predecessors who reached the desired result with the help of unsafe health products - clay, flour, chalk, and even white lead.Today, the choice of means, masking any imperfections, impressive and varied.The case for small: just need to understand this well, how to choose the right foundation for themselves individually, taking into account all the features of the skin, its condition, type and color.To simplify your task, use the tips from the professionals.

Set your skin type

Before you pick up the foundation of color, to go through several steps.For thorough care of their face and the proper use of tonal coverage is vital to set the type.The skin serves several important functions:

  • protection - protects the body from mechanical damage and penetration of harmful substances;
  • excretory - in the form of sweat helps to get rid of the decay products, as well as excess water;
  • sensitive - has a lot of nerve endings;
  • thermoregulatory - maintains a balance of body temperature.

intensity of these processes and affects a person's skin type.The easiest way to define it - use ordinary cloth.Or resort to special tests that there is a great set.After asking, what is your skin - normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive or aging - you can begin to address the question of how to choose the right foundation.

Identifying overlooking foundation

One of the most common mistakes women inattentive - ignore when choosing a foundation its consistency.But this factor underlies the division into types.Problems such as age spots, fine lines, pronounced blood vessels, can easily eliminate a liquid foundation that lasts a long time and is dense in its structure.

For dry skin just need a significant amount of fat than it is able to provide great camouflage thick foundation.With large defects successfully fights cream stick, and the owners of the young blush wonderfully suitable moisturizer with a touch.Tone powder is recommended for all skin types except dry.If your face is perfectly clean and healthy, it will give a fresh tone cream-mousse.Now the main thing - not to spoil the picture and pay attention to how to pick up the tone of foundation.


complexion look stunning - our goal and, therefore, proceed to the next stage and to take up the study of the complexion.This simple task, just need to see how your skin reacts to sunlight - tans, burns or poorly to sunburn.

With a beautiful tan is no problem - most likely your tsvetotip skin - yellow.And when after sunbathing, she blushes intensely, eventually acquiring a copper shade, you - the owner of the red type.

How to pick up the tone of foundation, if the color is not clearly defined allow irritation, allergic reactions, acne, or red streaks?Ask your friend to explore the color portion of your ear, it will be identical to the skin on the face.

We select tone

The features of the skin, proceed to the appropriate choices of cosmetics.How to choose the color of foundation, prompt names themselves tones.This is elementary!

your skin type - yellow.So, pay attention to the following shades: sand, walnut, olive, light beige, golden.

your skin type - red.Then stop to another panel: copper, apricot, pink, beige.

How to choose a foundation shade happy owner of a noble porcelain appearance?Also guided by name cosmetic products: fit Light, transparent, and so on. N.

Do not forget the combination

Those who are restless in their pursuit of perfection, should use another board of experienced make-up artists - use several shades masking cream.

main areas of the face is required tone as close to your natural, the area around the eyes is desirable to apply a lighter, shape of the nose and the shape of the face is to gloss over the dark shades.Look at the accompanying visual materials to figure out how to choose the foundation of color, picture will certainly help.

Masking problems

From some women it is often possible to hear the complaint: "I have no make-up on the street do not go!" Sometimes it's not an exaggeration, is likely - they are the victims of problematic skin types.Red spots, roughness, pimples and shine - another reason for a variety of facilities and lack of confidence.Without correcting the rescuer can not do.

How to choose a concealer for oily skin?The first rule is the same as for other types - group should be as close to natural.If skin is oily, the tone for the whole person select one.If combined, needed at least two close - a little darker and lighter, the latter applied to the cheekbones and forehead.

considered as the foundation to choose the color of the skin?Now, put the emphasis on texture and consistency.To mask the problem areas of a person means to apply a liquid consistency, because they include no oil.But there is absorbent components which absorb fat excretion.Thanks to this hide flaws from prying eyes is not difficult.

adhere to the rules applying

If a woman still, how to choose the foundation skin color and its type, it may lead to the fact that the image will turn out sloppy, or even vulgar.It is particularly important that foundation to cope with three main objectives - moisture, masking faults and protection from external factors.

apply it in several ways.Some advise to start from the chin, and then move up.Others recommend to put on face four stroke "Tonalka" - on the forehead, cheeks and chin, and then with a brush to shade evenly from the center to the edges.For evening make-up is better to use a sponge or a sponge, they densely cover the skin masking coating.Of course, you can work and fingers, but there should be neat, carefully distributing the corrective substance in areas near the ears and hairline.

Benefit or harm?

If you make a remark that "Tonalka" often can not use, do not take to heart.This is not the stone age, it is now learned to produce quality products.Just to save on beauty and health is unacceptable.

Good tool is created with the addition of useful natural ingredients - cocoa butter, lanolin, mink oil.It is permissible to use a cream every day for a long time, the skin is normal to "breathe" and to perform excretory function.

addition, tinting cosmetics has filters that protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation, and contains a variety of vitamins feeding.If you are "excellent" mastered the lesson and realized how to choose the foundation of color, you can equally fascinating to look like in natural light and artificial.