How to teach your child to take the first steps?

Many parents worry about the fact that their baby is not started to go on time.They are actively trying to educate the child, using a variety of techniques.However, many studies show doctors if you do it wrong, you can even slow down the development of the crumbs.

In addition, we note that the baby will help make your first step and teach him how to walk properly - it is not the same thing.Year-old crumbs ability to move around confidently in an upright position is given quite difficult.There are active and nimble kids who have run fast in the first nine months, and there are calm and phlegmatic kids who are beginning to walk in 15-17 months.So do not rush things, let your crumb will get stronger, and then he had the inner willingness to master one of the basic life skills.

When a child begins to walk?

first kids are on their own a few seconds, and then lurching quickly grab the support.This new movement gives them great pleasure, and they repeat it ten times.Usually stand without help kids begin closer to the year.Sticking hands for support, they may have to sit down and get up and move from one subject to another making the first few steps.

Curiosity crumbs can and must stimulate.For example, if he wants to get some toys, but is afraid to break away from the support to pass without help, try to interest him in bright and colorful objects that your child will want to touch and explore.

Recommendations made

For vertical circulation of the child must be sufficiently developed musculoskeletal system.Therefore, to help the baby learn to walk, do not limit it in crawling, so it is better than any of simulators developed muscular system.More often walk with a child in the street, encourage him if he stands alone on legs and repeats the motion of people walking.It is not necessary to plant a baby in a walker.In addition, they create an extra burden on the child's spine, so also discourage the desire to walk without the help of adults.

Babe lighter and easier to move, overcoming the small distance.Stand up with the baby in the middle of the room, holding the two handles, and release toward the pope.For starters do not leave the baby, more than one meter.This kind of insurance will calm him and give confidence.Affectionately cheers and praise the child for his first successes.By doing these simple exercises, you are bound to help the crumbs to master walking upright.It is also an excellent tool could be swimming, yoga, wellness massage, which strengthens the body and muscles of the child and prepare it for the upcoming stress.


Pay special attention to the safety of the baby.Falling or strongly hitting the floor, he could wind up and stop trying to walk.Do not shout or throw him unnecessarily.So their behavior can discourage hunting for baby's first steps.Inspect the area, remove any sharp objects to avoid injury crumbs.Replace all special outlet plugs, hide away all electrical cords.Look at the corners of furniture, if necessary, put them on a soft protection.

Why the child walks on tiptoes

If a kid gets up on his toes, this is not necessarily a sign of a serious illness.Sometimes this condition indicates that the muscles of the crumbs are elevated tone.You are free to do with the child exercises to relax the legs, stroking his feet, draw on them, "eight", to play with the baby in "topotushki."However, in order to ascertain the causes of the state, when the baby is raised to walk on mysochkah, you need to consult a qualified doctor, to prevent the development of serious pathologies.

If the child does not go?

If your baby does not want to go, maybe he just is not ready yet for a new type of activity.Some kids confidently run per year, and other physical development allows them to walk only eighteen months.So do not panic, and it is better to wait calmly when your crumb will make the first steps.One thing is certain: a healthy baby should be able to walk in two years.Many parents ask about how to get their baby to walk.Note that the pressure on the kids can not, we can only encourage and promote the process described.

period when your crumb will make the first steps, will certainly be one of the most memorable in his life.Indeed the ability to walk is for him the most important stage.So surround your baby with care and love, praise him and strongly supports the maximum encourage early successes.For the second year in a child's life - is not only a new experience, new changes, but also the rapid leaps in its development.

kid, left the cradle, to learn to play outdoor games, picks up a variety of items, moving, learns world around.It is not necessary all the time to drive the handle, would be correct to give him an opportunity to develop the necessary skills.

is very important at this time as much as possible to secure space and take care of comfortable support for the baby.Patience and confidence, and then soon your crumb will delight others with their success!

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