How to install an assembly Lololoshki game "Maynkraft"

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Today we will talk about how to install the assembly Lololoshki game "Maynkraft."First of all, you should find and download a proven resource out this modification.

Instructions To solve the problem of how to install an assembly Lololoshki to start opening earlier received archive.Typically, there is only one folder and a file in the first level.Go to the directory called "Build Lololoshki."Opens the Data.We find there folder .minecraft.We extract it to your desktop.Wait until you finish unpacking.We go into the game "Maynkraft."Select the menu item "Textures".Next, using the "Open Folder".We will automatically transfer to the section from which you want to delete the directory .minecraft and replace corresponding component modifications previously downloaded.That's all, now you can return to the game and fill in the appropriate form your nickname.Note that "Maynkraft" build mods from Lololoshki includes 33 fashion, and now we can enjoy it to the fullest.By the way, in your interface you must disable the "auto".


In addition to solving the question of how to install an assembly Lololoshki, we also need to understand its features.So, the first change to add more realistic character movements, especially noticeable during swimming and jumping.It is also an opportunity to climb the high hurdles, as the hero has learned to grasp at their edges.Now we can jump on the high walls by delaying key "Space" for a few seconds.If, for example, over the lava set lattice, we can overcome the obstacle holding them.Hero has learned to crawl and dig mines in the prone position.Significantly increased speed when running.Added the ability to glide over the surface.From now on, objects can shine directly from us in hand, helping to get out of the caves and dark areas of the game world.Total single blow of the ax is now sufficient that the tree was completely cut down and broken up into its constituent blocks.


described in the assembly added a lot of weapons.The first of these - the spear that robs enemies of 7 Health.In addition, the element can pick up and throw.New Axe 8 units can cause damage.He appeared here and hammer.He inflicts 7 points of damage.Golden sword causes weak damage, but it is very aesthetically pleasing looks.Now you know how to install the assembly Lololoshki and what opportunities it offers.