How to cook pasta in multivarka "Polaris"?

Macaroni multivarka in "Polaris" is ready in just a few minutes.That is why this side dish is very popular among those who do not like a long time to stand at the stove.It is also worth noting that this is a dish you can not just boil in a modern kitchen unit, but also to fry in butter with the addition of any sauces.

Recipes for Multivarki "Polaris": pasta nautically

To prepare such a popular and very tasty meal you can buy pasta of any shape.We decided to take the "feathers".Dya cooking is necessary to prepare the following components:

  • drinking water - 450 ml;
  • butter - 70 g;
  • pasta "feathers" of durum wheat - 1-1.5 cups;
  • fine table salt, allspice - to add to taste;
  • pork without fat - 200 g;
  • bulb onions - 2 heads;
  • hard cheese - 120 g

process of boiling pasta products

multivarka in "Polaris" are obtained as tasty as on a gas cooker.However, in the modern kitchen appliances to cook them much easier.For this device should be in a bowl pour the normal drinking water and pour table salt to taste.Next multivarku must be closed and immediately set the mode Pasta for 8 minutes.After this time, the device must signal the boiling water.Thereafter, the hot liquid to be put pasta mix them thoroughly and repeat the heat treatment, but for 10 minutes.At the end of cooking garnish is required to discard in a colander, rinse it under cold water stream and wait for it to drain completely.

How to make a sauce for garnish?

Macaroni multivarka in "Polaris" get much delicious and satisfying when made with minced meat and cheese.This requires to take a low-fat pork pulp, wash it well and grind in a meat grinder.Next you need to lay out the stuffing ready to bowl device with chopped onions, salt, butter, pepper and fry in a suitable program ("Hot") for 16-20 minutes.

final stage of preparation of this dish

As you can see, cooking pasta multivarka "Polaris" is not time-consuming.Once all the component parts to be prepared meals to roasted minced meat is required to pour boiled products, mix them thoroughly, and sprinkle the top generously with grated cheese.This is desirable to leave a meal consisting in "Frying" for another 4-7 minutes.

How to apply to the table?

Cooked pasta in multivarka "Polaris" should bring to the table hot with ketchup and fresh salad.And you can make the sauce on the original recipe and pour him this dish.

How to cook a delicious casserole?

Cook pasta in multivarka "Polaris" is possible not only to a hearty side dish to grilled chicken or goulash.It would be nice to cook for your loved ones this tasty dish like a casserole.It should be noted that it is especially children like.That is why, once again thinking about what I could make a quick and tasty for your beloved child, be sure to remember this recipe.

So, macaroni casserole we need:

  • drinking water - 500 ml;
  • butter - 40 g;
  • any shape pasta (durum wheat) - 1-1.5 cups;
  • fine salt, allspice - to add to taste;
  • large chicken eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • cream 20% - 100 ml;
  • hard cheese - 50 g


Cook pasta in multivarka "Polaris-0517AD" prepared in much the same way as in the previous recipe.To do this, the device must be in a bowl pour table salt to taste and pour the normal drinking water.Putting Mode "Paste", must wait for boiling liquid, then pour back the pasta (preferably acquire such that are made from durum wheat).Resuming the same program (5-6 minutes), the product should be prepared prior to the partial tender.Next, you want to fold the pasta in a colander and rinse thoroughly in cold water.

cooking egg filling

To casserole in multivarka well grasped, pasta, be sure to fill in self-made dressing.This requires a strong beat 20% cream, and then add them to the eggs, salt, allspice and other favorite seasonings.Stir - you should get a liquid egg mass with a pleasant aroma of spices.

process of forming and baking

After filling and pasta will be prepared, you should go to direct the formation of dishes.To do this, the device must be in a bowl put a piece of butter and melt it in the "Frying".Further, the cup is required to place cooked pasta, without mixing, to level their surface with a spoon.Then garnish should completely fill a creamy egg sauce, sprinkle a little grated cheese, close tightly and set the baking for 20 minutes.During this time, the dish should fully grasp.

How to apply to the table?

Once the casserole is ready, it is necessary to cool slightly, then cut into portions and put skeet.Serve this dish with tomato desirable or cream sauce.

Useful tips

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to cook pasta in multivarka.If your kitchen appliances do not have a special program "Paste", that can be a side dish to cook mode pilaf or quenching.But in this case, the cooking time must be increased for a few minutes.