Simple tips for every day: how to cook pasta, so they do not stick together?

It would seem that could be easier than to cook the pasta.However, many housewives know the situation, when they turn into a ball.And this dish is once again sent to the trash.You just need to know how to cook pasta, so they do not stick together.Of course, all the secrets of cooking pasta properly simple, but, unfortunately, not known to all.And therefore it is impossible.

It is not always that the pasta dish could not blame the landlady.Sometimes it brings the quality of the products.In Italy, pasta is made only from durum wheat.Only in this case it turns out to cook pasta to separate them.So before you buy them in the store, check the label on the pack.Pasta of durum wheat is usually marked by the letter A. In addition, it is possible to evaluate the product quality in appearance.Made all the rules of the pasta will have a creamy color and a matte surface.You should never take that pack, which has traces of flour or unevenly dyed products.

But even if the store bought cones of durum wheat, albeit the most expensive, it does not mean anything.It is also necessary to know how to cook pasta, so they do not stick together.The basic rule is that they always prepare a large quantity of water.Typically, for every 100 g of product taken and 1 L of liquid 1 teaspoon salt.Macaroni poured into boiling water and give as soon as possible, once again boil.Samu pan in any case can not be covered with a lid.Not only can the water to escape, but could not turn the pasta.

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during cooking should be periodically stir and taste.How much they will be prepared, depending on the shape and size of pasta.Manufacturers usually indicate the approximate time of the pack.Once they are on trial zhestokovatymi slightly, add a little vegetable oil and salt.Then - just mix and recline on a sieve.This is the secret of how to cook pasta, so they do not stick together.Especially it is not necessary to wash them under running water.Cooked pasta can be served with olive oil or with your favorite sauce.

That such recommendations are prepared, and the chef and home cooking.But enterprising housewives have come up with another way of how to cook pasta, so they do not stick together.Keeping all of the same proportion, it is necessary to fill the pasta into the water and stir.Just add salt and vegetable oil.Bring to a boil, turn off the heat and close lid.Now just need to wait a few minutes until the pasta themselves reach to the desired state.It is very convenient to observe it through a glass cover.Once the paste has changed color, and increased slightly in volume, you just need to drain the water.

But if you cook the horns, or other small items, many still are able to, then how long to cook the pasta, do not know everything.Well, if the house has a pan of suitable size and can be folded completely.And what if it does not find it here?In fact, everything is very simple.It is necessary to lower the vertically spaghetti in boiling water, wait until they soften and collapse into a ball in a pot already full.As a result, they must be covered with water.For the rest, you should observe the same recommendations for cooking.

Knowing how to boil pasta, you can always make a tasty dish for dinner.It's not only a great side dish, but also the basis for casseroles, puddings, and even cakes.