Why would a man need to think about the future?

It is believed that the future does not need to think, because it has not come yet, you need to live "here and now".Yet this view is extremely naive.To know the future, of course, impossible, but to assume it - it is possible.And even need.Otherwise, it becomes unclear how to proceed.

I must say that the ability to at least minimally to calculate the future exists in all animals.Wolf has to calculate where the hare jumps to catch it, but the hare has to calculate where the wolf jump to get away from him.Thus, the ability to assume the future is the main survival.

person to determine his actions, you need to understand the consequences they bring.And what consequences will result in other people's actions, and that all will happen to the world in the future.After all it is necessary to consider when you are choosing what to do to you.

In fact, the degree of understanding of what may happen in the future depends on the scope of our actions.Businessmen often build projects for decades to come, politicians - for centuries.In fact, the larger the future time we operate in their thinking, the more ambitious things we can do.

Actually, you can even ask such a question: who becomes the leader for whom people go?Answer: people go to those who believe that will be better than these people.Whose vision of the future more clearly than all the rest.Who can be more reliably promise.

Of course, this does not mean that all the leaders of the promise comes true necessarily.Aed we're just talking about people who become leaders.They get them because they are trying to look into the future more clearly than others.Accordingly, if you want to be a leader - you should develop their own ideas about the future.

In fact, the organizers of any major processes at all times, just in front of people painted image of the future that can be built using these processes.And the people were behind them and included in these processes.

It's the global level.But at the local level, too, thinking about the future need.We have to think, finally, of the consequences of their actions, what they will.In the end, if you do not wash - will smell bad.If you will not work - no money.If you will not get out of its housing - will stumble on piles of debris.And so on.

future must be a man.In fact, the main reason why there is a general human thinking and human imagination - is the need to assume future.After all, why would a man who does not need the future to think about?It is enough just to perceive and remember, and think - do not.After thinking - imagination is what is not and was not.That is - the future.

So - often start to think about the future.Estimated future.Expect future.Invent the future.Design the future.Plan for the future.It is absolutely necessary to improve your life.And not only yours, but also all of humanity as a whole.

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