Otitis ear.

Among the most common ear disease - otitis media ear.Treatment for otitis media should be carried out solely under the supervision of a physician, but the use of home treatments as effectively.Especially in the early stages.

causes of disease

Otitis - a common disease.Especially unfortunate that it often exposed infants.In children, otitis media is caused by a physiological location of the Eustachian tube, which is located between the nasopharynx and the middle ear.It contributes to the penetration of pathogens from the throat.It should be noted that the risk of otitis media in children increases sharply with allergies, because excessive mucus and enlarged adenoids blocking the Eustachian tube.Also otitis media - a common complication of upper respiratory tract infections.If you do not pay proper attention to the disease, it can develop into chronic otitis media.The treatment of this form of the disease is always more complicated and long, accompanied by severe pain, secretions.

Symptoms of otitis

  • sharp pain in the ear cavity.
  • The patient usually gets worse in the evening.
  • patient may experience irritability, restless sleep, decreased hearing.

Note that with otitis
due to high pressure in the middle ear can occur rupture of the eardrum, which will undoubtedly lead to hearing loss.Therefore, treatment of the initial shape, as well as treatment of chronic otitis media could not be performed without medical supervision.When the manifestation of symptoms is recommended to consult an audiologist.

Otitis ear.Treatment for otitis media folk remedies

first aid to the patient may become hot compress.Most popular mistake is that the treatment cover your whole ear with the ear canal.Correctly apply the compress around the ear.To prepare the mixture warming an alcohol diluted in half with boiled water or vodka.Note that you must apply a compress for 1-2 hours.If you suffer from otitis media ear, treatment of otitis media should be carried out to complement the use of folk remedies.Here are some of them:

  • Garlic oil.To cook 2/3 of minced garlic must be mixed with a third portion of the vegetable oil, the composition infuse for 10 days in a warm, sunny better, the spot.Garlic oil is necessary to dig a pair of drops in the affected ear.
  • Prepare a decoction of green poppy heads in the milk and watered them affected ear.In half a glass of milk is necessary to take 7 green poppy heads and boil them in there for half an hour.
  • Many people simply can not tolerate the pain that causes otitis media ear, treatment of otitis media in this case it is necessary to start with the removal of this discomfort.This can be done with an alcohol bath ear.The patient must be laid on the side of the healthy ear and sore pour 5-6 drops of warmed up to 37 degrees of alcohol.It is necessary to maintain this position for 15 minutes.The pain starts to decrease after 5 minutes.
  • good helper in the treatment of otitis media are scarlet and kalanchoe.They are used as a compress.Gruel from the leaves of these plants spread on bintik and attached to the patient's ear at night.This blend soothes the pain, pulling pus.
  • to relieve pain and inflammation of the ear, it is recommended to warm up (only if there is no pus) with salt, and even a piece of brick.The salt is heated in a pan, sprinkled in socks and applied to the ear.Brick or stone is heated in the oven, wrapped in cloth.It is important not to put too hot to the patient's ear in order to avoid burns.