The most interesting invention.

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Human thought can go so far that it is difficult to imagine.The most unexpected discoveries and inventions can completely change the world, turn it upside down, affect everyone on the planet.Highlights of the invention will be discussed in this article.

language and numbers

Sure, the language is probably the most useful and interesting inventions of all time.It is difficult to imagine that some two thousand years ago it did not exist.Of course, there were some common gestures and sounds to refer to those or other objects or phenomena, but there were no words to metaphysical concepts, for what can not be seen.Therefore, the language part can be called one of the engines of progress.The same can be said of the figures, without which we can not imagine their lives.


Some, of course, say that a little alcohol is part of the invention, but thanks to a lot of alcohol is a useful and remarkable.Despite the fact that now from him is not so much good in the Middle Ages it was the real salvation.After all, at the time of troubles clean water was scarce and people had to drink alcoholic beverages in order to, firstly, no catch, and secondly, a little boost your immunity so that he could stand against viruses and bacteria.Interesting inventions of humanity and can take this form.


You will be surprised, but some interesting inventions of humanity appeared recently, and without them the world would be completely different.This concerns, first of all publishing, which was a huge breakthrough on the road to civilization, because before any work had simply copied by hand that not only stimulated extensive development of literacy.The first printing machine was created by German inventor Gutenberg in the middle of the XV century.Very soon he became popular.


Initially, after the invention of the Internet no one could have imagined that a few decades later, he would find such popularity and is widely used around the globe.Moreover, the first at the Network had other tasks.

Internet was only used for very serious research and military purposes, and soon after, as personal computers have become more or less available, it has spread around the world.In a few years, the number of Internet users has reached an incredible amount.To date, access to the Internet have a third of the people on the planet.

interesting inventions in the home

course, most high-tech gadgets and sophisticated devices can not be done at home, but there is a useful and simple things, the establishment of which may be on the shoulder, even a child.For example, if necessary, you can make a real gunpowder.Interesting invention with their own hands will require some materials.Thus, to make a powder, it is necessary to prepare a carbon, sulfur, and nitrate.All components must be crushed and mixed in a ratio of 18:17:65 percent respectively.Just do not forget about safety!


This invention appeared recently, but has already done a lot of noise.At first it did different stuff and household items, but with the development of 3D-printer technology has become to save human lives.Now the progress reached so far that this way you can already create the internal organs, which need so people who need a transplant.

robot cleaner

Let it not so claimed invention as mentioned above, but who said that interesting inventions can not simply be useful in everyday life?The robot vacuum cleaner - it's not just a way to save time on cleaning the house.Due to the fact that most of the current models can not only vacuum, but also clean the floor, such a device could be a great help for people suffering from allergies.

Tram hydrogen

breakthrough in the search for environmentally friendly fuel has already been made.China has established the first tram does not pollute the world around, because it runs on hydrogen.This tram is able to drive hundreds of kilometers without refueling despite the fact that it is designed for almost four hundred people.

Transparent toaster and hot knife

This is another useful invention for those who do not like scorched toast.Such interesting invention is not only pleasant to improve lives, but also help to save a little time, which is especially valuable in the morning.Much the same can be said about the knife heated.If suddenly you need to spread butter on bread, that is so not like uniformly placed on the sandwich, just use a hot knife, which is itself in the process a little warm the oil to the desired state.

Something else?

Of course, every day in the world there are dozens of new inventions, at times incredibly strange and a little applicable.But interesting inventions continue to excite the minds of successful scientists and not only.

constantly appearing on store shelves incredible things.Very much like to create such masterpieces in Japan.For example, quite often on the streets of this state can find vending machines that sell clothes, second-hand.Despite this strange device, the level of development of robotics in Japan is at the highest level in the world.Here you can find robots created for various purposes.

Even despite the fact that a wide variety of discoveries have been made, we continue to hope that there will be invented new things and devices that make our lives a little easier and more enjoyable.Who knows, maybe in the near future will be created, a super-train, and you can get to work will not be an hour and five minutes.After all, such mundane things for the modern man previously seemed something surprising and not likely.But all this is only in the future, and in this we have to use the already established things, the wisdom which scientists, researchers and inventors random hoarded for centuries.