What is the most expensive graphics card in the world today and how much does it cost?

is not often that the average user the question: "What is the most expensive graphics card in the world today and how much it costs?" These graphics cards can be found dovlno rare, and the cost is 2-3 thousand dollars.Not everyone can afford such a pleasure.

line of Quadro

line of Quadro graphics cards is not a game, but still has a high level of performance.These video accelerators focused on software products such as "Photoshop" and "Maya 3D."The most expensive graphics card in the world in this line-up at the moment - the model K5000.Its cost is $ 2,300.This single-chip solution.In this accelerator installed in all 4GB of memory, and bus them has a width of 256 bits.The maximum resolution supported by the adapter, 3840 x 2160. The main feature of the K5000 - is to work directly with 4 monitors.Similar rates can brag and other solutions which are discussed later in this review.The rest of its specifications are significantly worse than that of counterparts, so there is no sense in it strongly focus on.We note only that her value is high enough for a device of this class.

gaming solutions NVidia

most expensive graphics card NVidia - Titan Z. is the cost of this masterpiece of engineering is about $ 3,000 (to date).But this board can easily cope with any challenge in the next 5 years.This graphics card features two GK110 chip with an operating frequency of 705 MHz.It is integrated with on-board 12 GB of standard memory DDR5.Their operating frequency of 7000 MHz.The width of the bus connection to the memory is 768 bits.For this indicator, all Titan Z apart from the competition.It is the latter two parameters and provide the uncompromising performance of this graphics solution.To connect the monitor provides the following types of interfaces: DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI and Display Port.The first two of them are able to output a signal immediately on two monitors.In turn, for mounting Titan Z in a personal computer or a graphics station must use the PCI Express interface 16x 3.0.Otherwise, the graphics performance will be significantly reduced.The maximum resolution that is supported by the video accelerator is 5120 pixels wide and 2,700 pixels in height.This mode is also called the "5K".Peak performance of the computing solutions from NVidia is 8 teraflops.As a result, Titan Z - not only the most expensive graphics card in the world, and the most productive.

most powerful graphics card from AMD

of today's most expensive graphics card is powered by AMD - Radeon R9 295 is X2.As the decision of NVidia, it is based on two chips, code-named Hawaii.Technical Specifications she is weaker than that of Titan Z. RAM installed in the motherboard 8GB.And the operating frequency of their less - only 5000 MHz.But processors Hawaii This figure is higher than the flagship NVidia, by as much as 300 MHz and 1018 MHz is it.The bus connecting the memory to a pair of graphics processors - 512 bits each.The result is 1024 bits.A set of connectors for monitors in this case, a little more modest.There are four ports in the form of small display and a DVI-D.Unlike Titan Z, you can connect only one device to display an image.Radeon X2 R9 295 on the motherboard is installed similar to the solution of NVidia, so that this feature is obtained full parity.


most expensive graphics card in the world today - Titan Z is powered by NVidia.It differs from its competitors uncompromising performance, which is more than sufficient for any task to date.But the price of this solution is very high, and such a pleasure, not everyone can afford.Primarily for the purchase of graphics-oriented computer enthusiasts and gamers who will appreciate its benefits.For other categories of people are buying these decisions is not entirely justified, since it is fully downloaded from them is unlikely to succeed.This is the answer to what is the most expensive graphics card.Its cost is 3000 US dollars.For that amount you can buy about 10 entry-level PCs.Therefore comment is superfluous.