How to remove the authenticity of Windows 7, or fighting with copies

To date, fewer and fewer people are choosing to buy a licensed operating system.Painfully expensive pleasure.But it becomes a shame when a license is not being tested system.That's when the question arises: "How to remove the authenticity of Windows 7?".

Where are the problems

So, before talking about how to deal with system authentication, you must understand where the problem may come.Let's discuss how to check the authenticity of Windows 7 can not be passed.

To begin with, it is a pirated version of the operating system and the so-called "repack".Very often, these affordable packages force users to think about how to remove the authenticity of Windows 7. Therefore, if you select "illegal" way to reinstall the regular "Wind", pobespokoytes about to have in your arsenal of means of activation of operating systems.

second and main reason that the system does not pass the test multiple - computer viruses.Agree, pretty frustrating when you buy a licensed Windows, as it "flies" over time and gives a "miracle."But there is more tricky reason that there can be a similar situation.


With the development of operating systems, update, and how to protect them from intruders who intend to cash in on the copies.Therefore, the corporation "Microsoft" create an updated, verify the authenticity of Windows 7. To implement the system it has become easier than ever - there was the center of operating system updates, which can be without the user load and install add-ons.

Once this "program" falls into the operating system user, then immediately there is a check on the authenticity of Windows 7. If it is not passed successfully, as soon as you restart your computer appears on the desktop annoying message that yourWindows is not genuine copy.It looks scary thing - black background instead of the screen, white letters on the bottom right corner of the monitor ... not the best option for the job.But this problem can be dealt with.So, we come to the question of how to remove the authenticity of Windows 7.

Method "People"

Let's start with the most famous and popular fashion.

This activation of the system by means of special activator cracks.Naipopulyarneyshy among them - by Daz.Use it very easily.All you need - is to download it on the Internet.Promoters do not require installation, which greatly simplifies the process.

Find a specialized program, then upload it to your hard drive.We recommend disabling antivirus system - with great probability it will start to "curse" on the downloaded file, mistaking it for a virus (and the truth is, third-party programs to break - it is a virus for the system).Then open that downloaded.

You will see the activation window.Typically, in order to disable authentication, you must set the configuration of your computer (if they have not exposed automatically), then the "unpack" a few options available to you the files (just click on the button, the program itself will put them "in its place") and wait for the outputreports a successful installation.In the end only a reboot.All you can safely use the Windows on.

dancing with a tambourine, or clean the registry

course, bypass Windows authentication can be other ways.For example, those who are more or less versed in the registry can try the following method.It is based on the removal of some of the records system.

Open the Control Panel using the "Start" menu.They get the "System and Security", go to the "Administration".Now you need to open "Local security".Incidentally, you can expedite the process by using the command line.To do this, perform the following functions: secpol.msc.

Now find the "Software Restriction Policies".Here, open the "Additional Rules" and right-click on any empty space and select the "Create a hash rule."This opens a window where you will need to click on "Browse" and select the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Wat \ WatAdminSvc.exe.For him, in the level of security, "Prohibited" and click OK.Now prodelate the same thing, but with the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Wat \ WatUX.exe.Done?All that remains - to restart the computer and enjoy their own achievements.

Removing the Update

So, in order to fully answer the question of how to disable the authenticity of Windows 7, remember, which is why you can still run into similar troubles.In order to quickly rid yourself of eternal checks your operating system to the authenticity, just something you just need to remove the same update file, which was created by "Microsoft".

Click the "Start" button, from there follow in the "Control Panel" and boldly enter the Update Windows.Now we find out there "Installed Updates" and find the file "KB971033".This is the same update that provides a system check for authenticity.Then simply delete it.

All that remains now - to delete a few files that do not allow to get rid of checks.The Windows-System32 folder, locate the files with the extensions C7483456-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0.Now just restart your computer.In order to get rid of the black screen, use an activator.


Today we talk about how to remove the authenticity of Windows 7 without too much difficulty.As you can see, if the mind to approach to the issue, even such an important thing as a test of the operating system, can be circumvented.With all of this no cost to you it does not require.

By the way, in order to once again not to run into a check for operating system installation, disconnect the automatic check for and install updates to Windows.If you want to choose your own everything you need - it will help avoid unwanted failures.Now that you know how to get genuine Windows 7 without too much difficulty.