How to turn the computer off after a certain time: Tricks

computer shuts down - a simple process.It is not always.Today we'll talk about how to turn the computer off after a certain time.


Suppose you are downloading a large file.The guard jump tired and decided to go to bed.But, lo and behold, after 5 hours work will be completed.Look at the clock, and there - 00:00.At five in the morning end download, and then you wake up at 8 o'clock ... I would not want to have your "iron friend" working non-stop.That's when people wondered how to turn the computer off after a certain time.In fact, it's pretty simple to do.There are several ways.On them will be discussed now.


first, though not entirely true, but obvious method - it disables itself.So how do you do this every day.In order to, say, turn the computer off an hour later, you will need this time to press the power button.In truth, this method - a playful manner.It is connected to the common expression that "comp" a man totally immersed in yourself and do not give time to think about.So if you decide to turn off the computer themselves on a specific point, give yourself an alarm clock or a reminder to be "drip on the brain," as long as you do not turn off his "iron friend" of the network.


One fairly simple way to turn the computer off after a certain time - is to perform an action by the third-party programs.For example, you can use the "Off Timer" or Kshutdown.

When you find, download and install the program, run it.Every time you start to open up a window where you must enter the time after which the computer should be turned off.Be careful: somewhere it is in minutes, somewhere in seconds, somewhere in hours.It all depends on what you have installed.Once you "tune out yourself" setup, run "a program."Approximately 10-15 minutes prior to shutdown many utility notifies the user about how many will turn off their "computer".


If you do not know how to turn the computer off after a certain time in Windows 7, but it all the time when you want to "knock" it coincides with the time when you have finished downloading the torrent file, then OHand it helps!

fact is that torrent download apps in the settings there is a function such as "shut down your computer after the download is complete."By selecting this option, you will always be sure that after the "jump" your "iron friend" is disconnected from the network and go into rest mode.Not the best, but all the same method.If you have a computer to download software / game / music album for about a week, and you can use this method.

Completing the process

Well, where we can disappear without our favorite feature "Run."With it, you can also turn off the computer after a certain time.To do this, go to the Start menu.Find out there, "Run" and then press.Now, just to drive in 3 letters: cmd.Confirm the action.Before you jump out the black window with white letters.That is what we need!

Now type shutdown /?and press "Enter."There will be many "scribbling" in English.If you completely Russified operating system - rejoice.In this case, deal with the utility "shatdaun" will be much easier.If you saw the English letters, and do not know the language well, then continue reading this article.

To answer, turn the computer off after a certain time, we need all three parameters of all written on a black background.It s - shut down the computer, t - the time after which you must turn off your "iron friend" and a - cancel shutdown (in case you change your mind).

So now the most important thing - start the process.Score in the same black box shutdows -s -t * * time in seconds.Thus, through "time in seconds" after confirmation of the computer shuts down.As soon as you press the "Enter" in the system tray will show that over what period of time the computer is disconnected from the network.Fast, convenient and reliable.If you change your mind off your computer, perform the same manipulation, but instead of s write a.

In Windows 7, you can quickly set the time, turn off your computer by "zalezaniya" in the search, located in the "Start" menu.Just mount it there: shutdown -s -t * time * and press Enter.The tray will be a message that informs you of how many completed session.

new task

Another method, which is similar to the previous one - is posing new challenges for the computer to shut down.For this, we need to refer to the "Task Scheduler".You can find it in the Control Panel.Go there in the Administrative Tools "Task Scheduler."Now, in the right part of the window that opens, locate the message "Create Basic Task".Click on it.

Then before you jump out the window to create a new job for the computer.Here you have to enter the name of the task description and specify the periodicity in the "trigger".Click on.Now you need to specify the execution of a task.Now, again, you need to click "Next".Enter the function performed (in this case shutdown).Do not forget to perform the arguments: -s -t * * time in seconds.Click "OK."Feel free to go about their business - the computer is switched off exactly such a period of time, which you specify.

So, today we have talked how to turn off the computer after a time, it is quite certain.As you can see, it can be done in several ways.Frankly, the fourth - the fastest and most common.However, choose only to you.