Long off Windows 7. Cause and correction

Each user has ever felt the effects of the problems in the computer software.And it is not important for you using a PC for gaming, or as a multimedia center, an operational problem-solving skills to make life easier for everyone.The article will be considered a fairly popular question: why long off Windows 7.

Before starting the description of the causes and possible troubleshooting I must say that the duration of the shutdown of your PC depends on its characteristics.The more powerful "hardware", the faster will be carried out provided the procedure.Computer basically shuts down for 12-30 seconds.In addition to the hardware components, the duration of the trip depends on the parameters and settings Windows.Logically, if your PC hardware is not the most current, switch-off time will be long.However, if the configuration of the computer is the most modern, but still runs off for a time exceeding 30 seconds, it becomes necessary to search and optimization problems.

main reasons for

often the main reason that long off Windows 7 is the large number of running programs and processes.There is so because the operating system attempts to shut them down, not only, but also to keep all of their data and reports.Accordingly, more applications - longer shutdown.

software conflicts

second popular reason is the conflict.One application could create an obstacle to the entire operating system during shutdown.And while such a conflict is not resolved, the computer turns off, and at the same time it will increase off.The same problem should be sought when Windows 7 freezes when switched off.Often, such conflicts occur if a program freezes or does not allow the process to complete its force.Very often, these programs are the products that change the scenery and design Windows.

to start before shutting down the computer, try to close all running programs manually, maybe after these steps, the computer will shut down much faster.

To solve this kind of problem, you need to analyze its manipulation, which runs on a computer.It is possible that not so long ago the system had been installed the new driver program in the slot extension installed a new device.Simply removing the last installed programs and components is often sufficient.If that fails, try to revert to last restore point.

takeaway "garbage" regularly

If the computer is turned off for a long time, Windows 7 is perhaps to blame myself.For example, after some time in the system builds up a large amount of "garbage".Usually this is due to the installation and removal of software, install updates, a large number of recovery points.Also, the OS may fail if you turn off if its system files are corrupted.

to solve the problem regularly use special tools that clean OS, removing remnants of programs deleted previously unused drivers, fix registry errors.One of the best is considered CCleaner.


If the computer is turned off for a long time, Windows 7, may have reacted in such a way to be infected by viruses.They almost always work in the active mode: block system processes do not allow the "kill" himself, and if a malicious program can not complete, it is immediately restarted.Very often, these viruses injects its code into the system software, and the presence of anti-virus never guarantee absolute protection.

Perform full scan your PC for malware antivirus distribution, which is loaded from a USB drive or disc.Anti-used in the system may be contaminated and therefore only will give the appearance of protection.Always download the latest version of just such applications with the latest virus databases.The most popular and effective program of these - Cureit.

Try to independently verify the process in Task Manager, it is possible, completing a suspicious program, the computer shuts down quickly, and the problematic component is found.


Last not obvious reason, which is why long off Windows 7 - the problematic driver.They can be installed with errors, damaged during the operation Windows, modified viruses, even if malware were immediately removed.

Try to download and run the program DriveCleanup, it is free and can be run on any OS family of Windows.During operation, the application removes all unused drivers from the system, and after its completion it is necessary to restart your computer.

obvious reasons

little free space on drive C. Therefore, a long time off the computer.Windows 7, just do not have the free volume to record and save all settings, so the system has pre-delete old temporary files.Try to increase the amount of free space, the more that the experts of Microsoft recommends leaving untapped about five gigabytes.

You can remove programs or games that have not used, leaving only the last system restore point, remove the cache update, remove unnecessary files directory "Downloads."

addition to all that, as mentioned above, the overall stability of the operating system affected by dust system unit.If radiators are not blown for a long time, and the contacts on memory have not served at rubbing, the computer may start to overheat, resulting in disruptions of all kinds.

This preventive measure can solve a lot of problems, because the programs work because of hardware features.Often, the only method of solving the problem of cleaning the operating system from debris, the user forgets that debris can accumulate in the system unit.Particularly relevant this advice if the laptop is turned off for a long time.Windows 7 can thus be at anything.