Boric acid in the ears - a good antiseptic!

Many people know that the otitis is used in treatment of boric acid.In her ears instill a few drops to neutralize inflammation and destroy pathogens.However, for greater efficiency, the tool is always combined with other drugs can not be used without control, and contraindications need to know in advance.

Which diseases appointed by boric acid in the ears?

This tool is widely used in outdoor and sometimes in internal otitis with a powerful antiseptic action.In diseases of the middle ear its use is considered inappropriate.Through ease of use, many people are faced with a sudden pain in the ears, use boric acid as an "emergency".It is not always possible to get an appointment with an audiologist immediately.We will examine in detail how to use boric acid for pain in the ears.However, if after a few days will not be marked by a positive trend, choose the time for a visit to a specialist is necessary!

Treatment of ear boric acid

beginning of each procedure is always the instillation into the ear canal of hydrogen peroxide.It should be heated until warm to the full and fill pipette sore ear.Once the liquid stops hissing, tilt your head so that the remaining fluid flowed freely in the ear.They must be removed with a sterile cotton swab.Thus, we remove sulfur and other contaminants that may be in the ear canal.

Only then used warm boric acid.Drip ears it is necessary to 3 drops, several times per day.Bay of fluid in the ear canal, you can feel a slight burning sensation.Five minutes later, tilt your head so that the liquid flowed out.Dry cotton swab ear, after which it must be isolated from the cold air.To do this for a small ball of sterile cotton wool.

At night you can put turunda into the ear canal soaked in boric acid.To do this, a small flagellum of wool, soak it in warm solution and gently squeeze.

flagellum Gently insert into the ear canal.Turundy must be placed so that its edge remains in the auricle.Complete the procedure, be sure to "insulate" the ear with a cotton swab.

Always remember that self-medicate does not recommend any doctor.Especially when it comes to hearing.Because complications can be triggered by wrong treatment, and their impact is not always possible to eliminate.


boric acid in the ears is never used for a period that exceeds 7 days.It is not prescribed to pregnant women and nursing mothers and young children.If you have any kidney disease, before use, consult an otolaryngologist.In tomsluchae when you marked symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting or seizures, use of the drug should be stopped immediately and seek medical advice.