problem of quality content, that is filling, the Russian advertising market is very serious.Nevertheless, it is actively fighting units.It's okay, like, but this, my friends, is also culture.

As consumer culture, the culture of perception to grow.Many years spent on a slight increase in consumer culture and because it is much easier to instill consumption.Appeared on the market a new, delicious chocolate, and even a liberal price tag, people are literally half a year out of my mind the thought of buying an old, no longer meets their needs goods.Exaggerated example, no more.

With culture perception is more complicated.It is very hard to instill the taste, especially now, in a society of total consumption.Taste the grafted really high quality and creative advertising moves or ideas.Here, again, is facing a number of problems: the user can "not understand" can understand and go back to the old slogan "The best means of" or "means number one."

Under "does not understand" very often hides misunderstanding specialist in advertising, marketing, somehow, their customers.Such errors are a step backwards for the entire market.Sometimes, novelty frightening.The market is trying to run forward, guys watching the West, but has not kept them.What is the problem?The problem is quite simple and straightforward.

During the Soviet era, advertising has been largely social advertising really worked on power.People believed flyers believed that Motherland is calling.Went on Saturdays, we joined the party, together with the authors ridiculed caricature.And all praise YAGagarin and V.Lenin even Gauvreau not worth it.Advertising has been effective.

Now, the current government plans to clear passages in the information war.And it's not a joke, we are all witnesses of fierce competition on the Internet, especially in the blogosphere.Someone worships power, someone of her detractors, given the different evidence and arguments, but who is now plead who is right?Dissatisfied, as they say, is always there.Earlier satisfied on the Internet was not, and now exactly half.

Tools political advertising more flexible and strong.Of course, a lot of resources involved in this sector, which is slightly bares the rear of commercial advertising.

But as would be sad all was not, we'll come to a brighter future, where a client's mind will fight really intelligent and creative people.