What if colleagues are jealous?

envy - a bad feeling.It is considered one of the deadly sins.There are white and black envy, but she is always herself.It is important to control their emotions and not to succumb to provocations of others.How not to bring the situation to the extreme?

There are situations where you want to or not, and have to deal with unpleasant people you.Especially if you notice glances, whispers and malicious gossip behind your back.In this case, you need to be able to carry with them, or not to be good.Dismissed - is simple enough.

To start think about what could have caused envy.Perhaps you are to blame for what happened.For example, you receive an allowance or undeserved position many boasted of you richly dressed, or something else?It may be that someone does not like you for a reason.Yes, it happens.If you are sure that it's not you, then it is necessary to decide how to build a working relationship.

What to do in order not to aggravate the situation:

1. Do not show that you are better than someone else, or even all at once.

It never did like it.Even if you are really better and smarter, but that does not give the right to look down on others, and especially to be rude.

2. Show respect and interest in life counterparts. no need to gossip or to go into someone's dirty laundry.It is enough to gently ask, how are you, like children, offer to help.

3. It applies especially senior colleagues politely , even if you consider them unprofessional and boring.You never know how you feel.

4. Do not tell me about the success at work. example, that you want to raise or praise for successfully completed projects.If you do not embitter, then certainly not rejoice.

5. Do not neglect the general rules. This can include corporate, joint tea parties, birthday celebrations and other.

If you have noticed that they began to envy themselves, suppress these thoughts as soon as possible.Think about the fact that Moscow was not built, and you too will all the others.One has only to wish and effort.

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