The most striking protagonist of "The Cherry Orchard" AP

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we are interested in the play APChekhov's system of images presented in three main groups.Let us briefly examine each of them, and then elaborate on the image Lopakhin Ermolai Alekseevicha.This hero of "The Cherry Orchard" can be called the most striking protagonist of the play.

Below is a photo of Anton Chekhov, the great Russian playwright, creator of works of interest to us.The years of his life - 1860-1904.For the past more than a century its various plays, especially "The Cherry Orchard", "The Three Sisters" and "The Seagull", put in many theaters around the world.

People aristocratic era

first group of characters are people of noble era, dating back to the past.It LUBOV Ranevskaya and Guys Leonid, her brother.These people own cherry orchard.By age they are not old.Gaev just 51 years old, and his sister, probably about 10 years his junior.We can also assume that this group belongs to the image of the Wari.It adopted daughter Ranevskaya.It also adjoins the image of Firs, the old waiter, is like a part of the house and all the outgoing life.This is in general the first group of characters.Of course, this is only a brief description of the characters."The Cherry Orchard" - a work in which each of these characters has a role, and each of them in their own interest.

most character

Very different from these heroes LOPAKHIN Ermolai A., the new owner of the cherry orchard and the entire estate.It can be called the most actor in the work he is energetic, active, moving steadily to the goal, which is to buy garden.

younger generation

third group represents the younger generation in the face of Anna, the daughter of LUBOV and Petya Trofimov, who is a former teacher Ranevskaya's son, who died recently.Without mentioning them would be incomplete description of the characters."The Cherry Orchard" - a play in which the characters are in love.However, it unites them except love feelings and aspirations away from the dilapidated property and all the old life to a beautiful future risuyuschemusya speeches Trofimova ethereal, though shining.

The relationship between the three groups of characters

In the play, the three groups are not opposed to each other, even though they have different notions of value.The main characters of the play "The Cherry Orchard" for all the differences in the outlook of each other's love, empathy, regret the failures of others, are even ready to help.The main feature that separates them and shape the future of life - related to the cherry orchard.In this case, it is not just the name.This kind of value, almost animate the face.During the main part of the action addressed the issue of his fate.Therefore, we can say that there is another hero of "The Cherry Orchard", suffering and very positive.This cherry orchard itself.

role of the secondary characters of the play "The Cherry Orchard"

main characters were presented in general terms.Let's say a few words about the other members of what is happening in the play action.They are not just minor persons who need the plot.This satellite images the main characters of the work.Each of them carries a certain point the protagonist, but only in exaggerated form.

conceived characters

catches the eye a different degree of maturity of the characters in a work of "The Cherry Orchard."The main characters: Leonid Guys, and especially love Ranevskaya - given to us in the complexity of their experience, coupled sins and spiritual virtues, frivolity and kindness.Petya Trofimov and Anya are more planned than depicted.

LOPAKHIN - the brightest hero of "The Cherry Orchard"

dwell in more detail in the brightest characters in the play, which stands alone.This hero of "The Cherry Orchard" - A. Ermolai LOPAKHIN.As characteristic of Chekhov, it is the merchant.The author of the letters to the Stanislavsky and Knipper explained that LOPAKHIN central role.He notes that this character - gentle man, decent in every sense.He must hold intelligent, decently, not shallow, without any tricks.

Why did the author believed that the role of Lopakhin in a work center?Chekhov stressed that he does not look like a typical merchant.Let us see what are the motives of this character, which can be called a killer cherry orchard.After all, he knocked him out.

peasant past

Ermolai LOPAKHIN not forget that he is a man.One phrase crashed into his memory.She said Ranevskaya, comforting him, while still a boy after his father beat Lopakhin.LUBOV said: "Do not cry, little man, the wedding will heal."These words LOPAKHIN can not forget.

interest to us tormented hero, on the one hand, the awareness of their past, but on the other - he is proud that he was able to break out in people.For the former owners to the same he is a man who can become a benefactor to help them unravel the unsolvable problems.

ratio Lopakhin to Ranevskaya and Gaev

now and then LOPAKHIN offers Ranevskaya and Gaev various rescue plans.He speaks about the opportunity to give their land into plots for villas and gardens cut down because it is useless.LOPAKHIN genuinely upset when he realizes that his words do not take reasonable, these heroes of the play "The Cherry Orchard."He did not fit in the head, how can you be so careless on the edge of self-destruction.LOPAKHIN explicitly states that have not seen such a frivolous, bizarre, non-business people as Ranevskaya and Guys (Heroes "The Cherry Orchard," Chekhov).In his quest to help them no shadow of treachery.LOPAKHIN utmost sincerity.Why does he want to help their former owners?

Perhaps because he remembers what he has done for Ranevskaya.He tells her that he loves her as his own.Unfortunately, outside of the play is the heroine of this deed.However, you can guess that by virtue of generosity, gentle nature Ranevskaya respected Lopakhin sorry for him.In short, she behaved like a real aristocrat - a noble, cultured, kind, generous.Perhaps it is the realization of this ideal of humanity, and its inaccessibility makes this character commit such contradictory behavior.

Ranevskaya and LOPAKHIN are two centers in the work of "The Cherry Orchard."Images of the characters described by the author, are very interesting.The plot develops in a way that interpersonal relations between them still are not the most important.In the first place there is the fact that LOPAKHIN performs as if involuntarily, surprised himself.

Lopakhin As disclosed the identity of the final product?

The nervous tension goes the third way.Everyone expects that soon bid Guys come and bring news about the future of the garden.The owners of the estate can not hope for the best, can only hope for a miracle ...

last reported fatal news: a garden sold!Ranevskaya like thunder striking response to the utterly pointless and helpless question, "Who bought it?"LOPAKHIN exhales: "I bought it!"This action Ermolai Alekseevicha the future of the heroes of "The Cherry Orchard."It seems that such meanness Raevskaya from him did not expect.But it turns out that the estate and garden - a lifelong dream Ermolai Alekseevicha.To do otherwise could not LOPAKHIN.It merchant avenged man and won intellectual.LOPAKHIN like is hysterical.His own happiness, he does not believe, he does not notice Ranevskaya, heartbroken.

Everything happens according to his desire, but against his will, because in a moment, noting the unfortunate Ranevskaya, the merchant suddenly utters words that contradict his delight minute earlier: "My poor, good, can not go back now ..." Butthe next moment a man and a former merchant in LOPAKHIN raised his head and shouted: "Music, play clearly!"

ratio Petya Trofimov to LOPAKHIN

Petya Trofimov says LOPAKHIN that he needed "in terms of metabolism," as a beast of prey, eat something that comes his way.But suddenly Trofimov, who dreams of a just society, and plays the role of exploiter Ermolai Alekseevichu says in the fourth act, he loves his "fine, gentle soul."Feature Lopakhin - a combination uhvatok predator with a gentle soul.

contradictory nature Ermolai Alekseevicha

He craves purity, beauty, extends to the culture.In the product LOPAKHIN is the only actor, appearing with a book in his hand.While reading it, the hero falls asleep, the other characters throughout the play does not hold in their hands books.However, there are more merchant account, common sense, the beginning of the earth.Realizing that the garden is beautiful, feeling over the possession of pride LOPAKHIN hurry while it cut down and arrange everything according to their own understanding of happiness.

Ermolai A. argues that cottager multiply in 20 years to the extraordinary.While he only drinks tea on a balcony.But one day it may happen that he will be engaged in farming on his tithing.Then the cherry orchard and Ranevskaya Gaeva become a luxurious, rich, happy.LOPAKHIN But this is mistaken.Dachnik not the man who will keep and multiply inherited his beauty.His mind purely practical, predatory.It excludes all value systems impractical things, including culture.Therefore LOPAKHIN and decides to cut down the garden.This merchant has "fine soul," does not realize the main thing: you can not pererubat roots of culture, memory, beauty.

value plays APChekhov's "The Cherry Orchard"

intelligentsia from the land, humble, downtrodden servant created by talented, free, creatively active person.However, she herself was dying, and its creation - with her as a man without roots can not exist."The Cherry Orchard" - a drama that tells of the loss of spiritual roots.This ensures its relevance at any time.

play by Anton Chekhov shows people's attitude to what is happening at the intersection of eras events.It was a time when there was the capitalization of Russian society and the destruction of feudalism.Such transitions from one socio-economic system to another is always accompanied by a loss of the weak intensification of the struggle for the survival of the various groups.LOPAKHIN in the play is a representative of a new type of people.Ranevskaya and Guys - characters moribund era that no longer able to meet the ongoing changes, to fit into them.Therefore, they are doomed to defeat.