The noise in the ear.

Tinnitus - is often a symptom rather than any disease.In medicine it is called tinnitus.You can hear not only the noise in its original meaning, but also whistling or hissing sound, hum or clicking in the ears.You can also see that this was your ear react differently to the familiar sounds of earlier - the rumor has become overly sensitive or, on the contrary, decreased.The noise in the ear, causes and treatment of which we shall now describe, may in some cases be accompanied by pain or symptom of the perverse reaction to light.The nature of this auditory sensation, too, is different, and we will examine this aspect.

Pulsating tinnitus is: the reason

If you feel throbbing noise in your ear, it is a dangerous symptom, speaking of vascular disorders.As a rule, he repeats in its rhythmic beats of the pulse.Such a condition experienced neurologist informs about possible complications in the patient: an aneurysm or malformation.Malformation - a pathology of blood vessels in the brain;aneurysm - a deformation of the vessel, thinning and reshaping its walls.Both situations require serious medical examinations, as there is a threat to break the vessels of the brain.For this reason it is necessary to consult a doctor to find suspected vascular noise in the ear, its causes and treatment require medical intervention.The patient is assigned in this case, and MRI angiography.

What else can be caused by noise in the ear?

But benign ENT disease may be accompanied by tinnitus.Inflammation of the eardrum, ear infections, evstahiity are on the list of symptoms like unusual feeling.There is another unpleasant situation - neuritis of the auditory nerve.It may also be vascular in nature, if there is ischemia of the nerve.In this case, a doctor otolanringologu should contact as soon as possible, as the inflammation of the nerve takes place fairly quickly and if left untreated, leads to deafness.But the most common noise in the ear, causes and treatment is not dangerous - a muscle noise, so called doctors.It is caused by the vibration of the small muscles connecting the stirrup and anvil.To find out why tinnitus and whether it is caused by the movement of the muscles, pull the lower jaw forward.If this is the case, then the sense of sound is first amplified, and after 20-30 seconds, disappear altogether.The noise of this nature can be caused by frequent listening to music through headphones at maximum volume, poor hygiene (the presence of cerumen).


Even this seemingly insignificant symptom - noise in the ear, causes and treatment of which we have outlined to you - requires attention and treatment to the doctor.It will help you understand the reasons for the emergence of unpleasant sensations ENT doctor or a specialist neurologist.He scheduled you prescribe the necessary medication or conduct the required procedures.Self-medication can lead to hearing loss or complete uhusheniyu his loss, severe complications of, so do not recommend that this issue be treated on its own.