Gagra, the private sector: Reviews of holiday

Any tourist will confirm that the rest in Gagra (the private sector) can add to the benefits of relaxation.Can you imagine that the rest of the Black Sea can be exotic, and, best of all, inexpensive?Private sector in Abkhazia (Gagra, Sukhumi, Pitsunda have the most developed infrastructure) give an unforgettable vacation for tourists, allow them to touch the amazing local culture and to feel a little Abkhazians!

country for the joy of body and soul

Solar Apsny ("country soul" is translated from the Abkhaz), as it is called indigenous people, located on the northeastern shore of the Black Sea.The land is rich and clear sea waters, and useful air and picturesque mountain slopes, and good people.Its territorial identity is not in vain for many years - the subject of political debate.

Nature amazing here - the magnificent Main Caucasian Ridge like his hugs the slopes of lush green coastline.There are many pristine mountain rivers, which are blood vessels that carry the plant and animal life.And what is the air!The rich sea salts, it instantly refreshes and invigorates and strength.

Abkhazia is famous for its mineral springs, there are more than 170, so the first thing tourists come here for the purpose of improve the body.There is in this wonderful country and Spa Resort, where you can enjoy massages, mineral baths, glinoterapiey, herbal inhalations for a nominal fee.Both active travelers find something for everyone - there are all conditions for diving and rafting.

Gagra (private sector): housing nuances

Let's say you decided to go to the city of Gagra (Gagra, or as they say).Where to stay?Compared with the prices of accommodation in hotels, private sector in Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos offers a truly budget accommodation.Here you can rent a room for a nominal fee - 5 y.e. a day per person.

But there is a caveat.If you opt for the rest of Gagra, the private sector was not very big, but because few guest houses.They are often snapped up by loyal customers before the start of the season.It is better to book accommodation in advance!Of course, if you go to Tsandripsh or Gechripsh, there is a great range of accommodation, besides the houses are close to the sea.

But tourists say that the main thing, is famous for Abkhazia - Gagra.The private sector is the most complete messaging features life Abkhazians.Moreover, even the sea is capable of surprise.

same sea, but another

colorful country of Abkhazia!Gagra, the private sector which is represented by a small cozy courtyards provide tourist calm and measured rest.There are no crowds of travelers, souvenir sellers and touts on the rides.

In addition, many vacationers say that the Black Sea and then completely different.No such as, for example, the South Coast or in Turkey.Due to the fact that the climate is sub-tropical, the water is not as salty as on other coasts, and even jellyfish benevolent - without scorching tentacles!

private sector in Gagra: Features life

If you decide to spend your next holiday sun Apsny - congratulations, you are on the verge of surprising discoveries.But if you think you will go to Gagra (private sector) and will rest there with the same set of services, and, for example, in Turkey, you are mistaken.Abkhazians offer travelers not isolated houses, and in their own room, where they live with their own family.The amenities in the guest is not, often they are not even in the house and in the yard outside.

People who are particularly accustomed to comfort, such accommodation may seem unacceptable.But believe me, it is a mere trifle, when you know, what you have got a terrific place.Meet new people with the locals for fun magnificent feast, a unique opportunity to go to the hospitable host to fishing, underwater hunting or to the mountains compensate wretchedness of life.Unforgettable vacation for everyone who wishes will give Gagra (the private sector).Reviews seasoned travelers - proof.

Food prices

There is another pleasant fact - prices in stores are designed primarily on the budget of local residents, rather than tourists with thick wallets.Therefore, you can easily indulge in anything and spend a week at the resort more economically than at home!

vegetables, fruits, milk and sour cream can be purchased directly from their owners, as well as delicious home-made wine.This Abkhaz grape drink very helpful.In addition, it has a luxurious taste who will appreciate even critical of the degrees of "soft" people.

Another housing option

If you are not ready for the spartan conditions of life and want to spend their holidays in comfort, the best lodging options, as noted by tourists, will become the new cozy guest houses in the private sector.In Gagra they already had built quite a lot.However, respectively, and placing them in a cost considerably more expensive than, for example, in building a hospitable Abkhaz families.

The average cost of renting a detached guest house from 25 to 50 y.e. per day.For the money you get the opportunity to live in isolation, with all the amenities (until the dryer), but will not be able to enjoy all the delights of life of indigenous people and discover the mysterious and wonderful sunny Apsny fully.The choice is yours!

Attractions: forward of emotions!

What, besides the sea and local color, can provide travelers Gagra?The private sector can quickly become bored, and your heart desires "circuses."And in this case the tourist will find what to do here.What tips are planning to visit in Gagra give those who rest here?

no doubt worthy of attention the old part of the city.It opens eyes of tourists Zhoekvarskoe Valley and the ancient city of Gagra strengthening - Abaata complex.At the fortress there is a small basilica.Historians say that it was built in the 6th century!

and lovers of thrills and extreme sports will bring an unforgettable vacation Gagra (Abkhazia).The private sector and the new part of the city, as well as the vast expanses of the sea surface can be seen from a bird's eye, if you visit the observation deck located on the top of the mountain Mamzyshha (altitude - 2000 meters).View offers a truly amazing and exciting!

Gagra also boasts the only water park in Abkhazia.These come in a splash pool with slide, vacationers and residents from all over the country.

Along the sea is the main park of the city - Seaside Park.It is rich in a variety of sculptures, palm, pine, citrus trees and comfortable benches for strolling carefree vacationers for its surroundings.About a thousand species of plants from around the world have found their place in the seaside park.

Enough to enjoy orderliness, sitting in the shade of the many trees, you can recover an exciting journey by cable car leading to the legendary castle of the Prince of Oldenburg.Or visit the famous restaurant called "Gagripsh", which is on a small hill across from the Seaside Park.Notable is the fact that the building where the restaurant is located, built of Norwegian pine without the use of nails!As appreciated institution such great men as Ivan Bunin, Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky, Fyodor Chaliapin.

Lake Abkhazia: the beauty of nature

You can go outside the city and see even more interesting!For example, tourists say that a sin not to visit the Abkhaz lake - Rizza and blue.

Lake Riza - a miracle of nature Earth!God, not another, chose the site for its location.The local nature is simply breathtaking!Majestic mountain peaks covered with bright green velvet seems to protect the pond from all over the world.

It is regrettable, but few have left such places on the planet where people would not have intervened.And around the lake Riza recent infrastructure has been developing vigorously.The surroundings grew numerous tourist centers, cafes and restaurants.In general, everything civilized.Lovers of pristine nature, maybe it's upsetting, but now treat yourself to the beauty here can be anyone tourist, not only experienced conquerors of mountain tops.

blue lake - a sparkling sapphire in the midst of a variety of shades of emerald forests and planed cliffs.The pond is one of the cleanest in the world.The indigenous people consider it their main pride.The lake is so calm that nothing can disturb its blue expanse.And even an underground river, which rushes into it from the irrepressible flow, suddenly calms down, merging together with the blue waters.

Excursions on the lake can be enjoyed in all the tourist office in Abkhazia.Price ranges from 10 to 20 y.e. (it depends on the number of people in the group, the level of comfort of the bus and places).Travel, discover new worlds and fresh emotions - come to Abkhazia!