Firing hair fire: reviews, photos before and after.

Increasingly there innovative hair care products.This lamination, and a haircut hot scissors, and keratin straightening curls.New technology is also piroforez - firing hair on fire.Reviews of procedure of satisfied clients convinced to try this unforgettable method.In its basis - hair treatment naked flame.

Piroforez - firing hair

Firing hair fire is a new method of rehabilitation of hair.This procedure is called piroforez (or Fire Cut).It was used for a long time to change the hair and improve the structure of curls.Firing hair was intended to eliminate split ends and brittle, dry hair.

Piroforez received recognition in our country and the approval of doctors, candidates of sciences Russia.For those girls who are afraid of fire, by such a method should be abandoned.In fact piroforez not as bad as it seems at first glance.Hair is pre-treated by special means.Therefore, the heating strands of hair will eliminate the only problem.

of medical procedures is firing hair on fire.Reviews

clients, experienced the this technology, sound positive.After the procedure, their hair was fresh, healthy, long retained the elasticity and volume.


Piroforez procedure consists in treating hair in flames.The effect of the procedure consists of the impact on high-quality cosmetics curls and open flame.But direct contact with the flame does not occur.Hair is processed by heating, which allows you to align its relief.

Among the masters-hairdressers regularly held training courses piroforezu.Therefore, before the procedure should be familiar with a certificate that confirms the qualifications of the expert.The original document has a signature stylist Olga Kurbanov, which has developed and patented this technology in Russia.

is safe in the hands of an experienced technologist firing hair on fire.Reviews, photos before and after the procedure confirmed that the locks after piroforeza look much better.To firing was successful, follow the necessary requirements:

  • piroforez perform on wet hair, to prevent the fire;
  • on hair pre-deposited funds, chosen on an individual basis;
  • flame helps deliver the beneficial ingredients into the hair.

Indications for piroforeza

Firing hair designed to restore hair shaft.The procedure will be relevant to address these problems:

  • fragility;
  • split ends;
  • dry hair.

firing technology is suitable for men and women.It can be used for any type of hair.Even if curls painted blondirovannyh or subjected chemical wave - piroforez help improve the locks, they will return the luster and beauty.

Moreover, accelerates the natural growth of hair head of hair burning fire.Reviews and clients hairdressers warn that the procedure should be carried out not more than 1 time in 2-3 months.

difference piroforeza from hot scissors

At first glance it may seem that piroforez no different from haircuts hot scissors.They do have common features.Both methods help to get rid of split ends.They are suitable for all hair types.

However sealed hot scissors hair only at the tip.Piroforez also helps to align the whole structure.It solders hair over the entire length, increasing its volume by 25%.

Runs on medium and long curls of hair roasting fire.Reviews clients agree that the resulting effect of piroforeza lasts much longer than from hot scissors.The procedure expensive, but after six months it is possible to forget about the problem areas curls.

hair Roasting fire: before and after.Reviews

effect of the technology is that the flame acts as a conductor.Fire "soldered" into the porous structure of damaged hair active substances, trace elements and vitamins.That is why it is important pretreatment with quality locks.After the procedure, flowing, silky hair will be pleasing to the eye and the heart.

What effect will the fire of burning hair?Before and after treatment the hair look completely different.Dry, dull curls turn into healthy, elastic strands.Lifeless piroforezom before they fully recover their structure after firing.

Strands are not electrified, fine comb.They can be stacked, curling.After the procedure, a long time will keep tresses fresh, well-groomed appearance.Structural integrity of hair provides natural shine and elasticity.

In most cases, the client satisfied with the achieved results.Hair after piroforeza look silky, beautiful.There is the brilliance that could previously be achieved only by means of lamination.

Pros and cons piroforeza

Firing hair (customer reviews and craftsmen prove it) has its positive and negative sides.Before tempted to try an innovative method for yourself, be sure to explore the pros and cons piroforeza.

Positive aspects of the procedure:

  • disappear split ends;
  • increases the amount of hair growth;
  • appears natural shine;
  • hair get necessary trace elements and vitamins.

negative aspects of procedure:

  • split ends may reappear (just regular's Skin treatments will get rid of them);
  • piroforeza high cost;
  • for the best result procedure must be repeated;
  • effect depends on the professionalism of the master.

The technology

Roasting fire hair (before and after the procedure), followed by treatment with special locks, nutritious means.The whole process takes about 45 minutes and consists of 4 stages.

  1. hair washing, massaging the scalp to increase circulation.There is a cleansing of excess subcutaneous fat, dead keratin scales.
  2. Master, taking into account individual features of curls, selects a set of nutrient cocktail of moisturizing and protective masks.
  3. Processing fire heats strands.Thus there is a rounding of the hair shaft (aligned its relief), and the penetration depth of amino acids and vitamins.
  4. Wash head with a cold rinse.At the end of the procedure the master applied to the hair nourishing agent that will help strengthen the strands.

How is the treatment of the fire?

firing process should not be afraid.It is painless and safe procedure.You can feel the peculiar smell or hear a slight crackling hair.Themselves locks during the procedure is not ignited.Their only heated by an open flame.

How is firing hair on fire?Reviews girls have tried piroforez, compared with a sense of euphoria after the procedure.It appears surprising ease, relaxed.A naughty, dull strands become resilient, brilliant wave, full of vitality.

During the procedure, the master to the metal forceps which everyone has a barber pulls a cotton swab.Dipping it in alcohol and set on fire.Neat movements master holds a flame for the entire length of the strands.At this point the dry patches curls burned.

Piroforez home

Can you repeat the firing on their own?What safety measures should be taken to avoid the ignition of hair?On the Internet there are a lot of videos, which you can see how the firing hair.Reviews masters warned that piroforez should only be done in beauty salons.It met all the safety measures and the necessary conditions for the procedure.

If the client insists on roasting at home, should invite an experienced specialist.The master must be a certificate confirming his ability to competently perform the procedure.From the professionalism and quality of the barber's Skin funds will depend on the resulting effect.

Alternative methods of burning hair

should not do the procedure themselves.Healthy hair - not a reason for the experiments.A fire hair can not only lead to loss of hair, and scalp burns.

If the price scares piroforeza - you can use a simplified version to get rid of split ends.To begin to process vegetable oil damaged areas.This is necessary in order to prevent the ignition of hair.Divide hair into small clumps.Lokon take away from the bulk of the hair, and flamed matches or lighters.

Firing hair fire at home can be made more simple way.This will require utyuzhok - each part should be wrapped with foil.

  1. set the maximum temperature.
  2. Apply locks on the nutrient composition or oil.
  3. process each strand utjuzhkom.

Firing hair fire: reviews

Most clients delighted with the procedure.They assert that after the pass headaches, migraines.Exposure to fire helps get rid of the accumulated negative, cleared aura appears lightness throughout the body.

Piroforez helps get rid of dry hair in the most remote places.Using scissors or self firing to achieve such effect.Already after the first procedure locks affect its softness.If it is carried out regularly (once a quarter), you can completely forget about the problem of brittle and dry hair.

negative reviews claim that no therapeutic effect piroforeze not.This is only temporary, the visual improvement of the hair.With a porous structure can not be restored by firing, and it is better to spend the finances for quality shampoos and masks.

dissatisfied client talk, more dry did piroforez curls.A week after the procedure, the hair again are dull, lifeless locks.They are thatched, they constantly have to handle expensive foams, gels.

positive and negative effects after piroforeza depends on the individual.Professional advice can help to identify problem areas of hair and their solutions.Piroforez helps protect the locks from the negative effects of the environment, prevent them from aging.It does not cause allergy and no side effects.