GPU: transcript of old and new

Where do you work?- The Troops!Explanation of the abbreviations are today quite harmless.This is the short name of the Orenburg State Pedagogical University.Here we teach young people to sow reasonable, good, eternal, build the right relationship with the younger generation and a lot more what you need in everyday life ... applied psychology, for example.And make it possible to obtain specific profession.And there were times when these four letters in some delights, while others - fear.

OGPU until 1930 - Orenburg Institute of Education

history of Orenburg Pedagogical University began in Grozny in 1919, during the Civil War, raging throughout the territory of the former Russian empire.The initiator of the educational institution was VY Struminsky later became a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and doctor.And then everything was simple: training took one hundred and fifty students, most of whom even knew how to read and write is not very good.But dashing the trouble started!

State status OGPI and OGPU

After 1930 OINO (public education) has received official status.Expanded its area, it included the former gymnasium.It is here that graduated Malenkov GM - a prominent party figure Stalin era, who was after the death of the "father of nations" post predsovmina (to put it in modern terms - the Prime Minister).

Education passed in the early thirties by correspondence, evening and day form.Agronomy functioning, physical, technical, chemical and biological, social and literary faculties.Troops then this institution is not known.He was just Orenburg pedinom or OGPI.

Today it was granted university status.Faculty was thirteen, educational buildings - six dormitories - three, in general, large and respected institution.

not clear, but terrible name

But not only the name of the institution is hidden behind the four simple letters - OGPU.Explanation of the abbreviations (United State Political Department at the People's Commissars) was well known to Soviet citizens since 1923.In the first three years of this mighty organization led by the chief security officer of the country Dzerzhinsky, after whose death took the post VR Menzhinsky.The next head of the OGPU was GG Yagoda, who, unlike his predecessors, did not die from the disease, and the bullet.He was shot by a court.

functions of the OGPU in the Stalin years

objectives of the force structure were clear, they even recorded in the 1924 Constitution.According to the ninth chapter of Article 61, the maintenance of public order and the fight against banditry attributed to the republican NKVD (when there were only four).The counter-revolutionary activity and espionage, and more specifically, to overcome them have been caring OGPU USSR.Explanation of abbreviations it fails to give - just political governance, but at its core this body is a service of national security, which it later and renamed, calling first Ministry (MGB), and then, during the Khrushchev thaw, the Committee (KGBwhen SM).

The OGPU different from the NKVD

in the USSR has always been a difference between the police and the state security agencies, even in the years when the security forces formally submitted to a single leadership.He fought the anti-Soviet elements, spies (or those who were similar to them), saboteurs and just narrators some terrible jokes OGPU.NKVD was engaged in more prosaic matters: the investigation of criminal offenses (theft, robbery, murder), prosecute hooligans, parasites, drunkards and other "remnants of the old world."But Stalin's "political secret police" is not just fought on the front of this invisible, its function is also the control of the police.

Reconnaissance Troops

But not only hunting for the unlucky "enemies of the people" and engaged in reckless lovers of anecdotes OGPU.Explanation radiograms very real German spies, analytical work, intelligence gathering, and many sensitive government jobs by a specialized department of the Moscow center.JV Stalin distrusted collecting confidential information about hostile Soviet activity to a single organization.Soviet intelligence abroad acted independently, there were several.The largest supplier of important information of a strategic nature was the Comintern, but abroad acted, and other information sources, which are called by the competent (Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Red Army, the 5th Division GUGB then 1st directorate of the NKGB, 4th NKVD and others).The brave Soviet intelligence officers of the OGPU contributed to the victory over Nazism.

Folk options decryption

Today abbreviation of the Omsk State Pedagogical University, you can laugh easily, for it no one will punish.I'm sure many student skits and KVNy not do without jokes about various fun options for treatment of the four capital letters (very loud teacher Fell Points - The main sign of intelligence, and so on. N.) In Stalin's time there were words and abbreviations for which to show the humorit was extremely risky.But people still joke, despite the danger of "begin to knock bowlers in the camps," even on the GPU.Deciphering this formidable name might be different, "unscrew the head - Try to Escape," "Autumn, Bare Birds Fly Away", "Again, the Citizens Party upekli" - here are some samples of folklore, showing justice saying "The worse the more ridiculous."