Czech national dishes for Grüne Woche (Green Week)

Skewers of crocodile, alpaca steaks, the juice of cactus and hundreds of other delicacies literally from all over the world recently offered its visitors the 78th largest in the world of international exhibition-fair of food and agriculture.Annually Grüne Woche (Green Week) in Berlin is visited by about 400 thousand visitors.This year it was held from 18 to 27 January, as usual, at the Exhibition Center Berlin «Messe Berlin», and on it were presented sixty-seven countries, among which has traditionally been, and the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic attracts visitors of the largest fairs of food Green Week its traditional beer and local food.

«queue in front of the Czech tent with trdelnikami getting bigger.Guests are curious about how to prepare the Czech pastries with Hungarian roots. "

on Grüne Woche was introduced the most modern agricultural machinery, it can be found here and pavilions with livestock, in addition provola lecture on ecological agriculture.But it attracted crowds of visitors culina

ry delights.

When the question of the Czech cuisine is one of the attendees remembered the dumplings, beer and Oplatka (traditional wafers).Try the dumplings could be right here, going to the real Czech beer, erected this week in the midst of one of the pavilions.

«We offer classic Czech cuisine - such as svichkova (beef sirloin in cream sauce), pork with sauerkraut and dumplings and sweet dishes.The public is generally interested in the Czech products, and the country as a whole - its regions, tourist information, and the like ", - proudly noted Emerich Vacek from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Alpine horn neighbors from Switzerland called for tasting cheeses, but visitors gathered in front of the Czech and tent with dishes of peas, which are brought to Berlin firm Hraška Shkvarzhilovyh spouses.

dry mixture of peas, which, among other products offered his wife, sent out to the name of the exhibition Grüne Woche - Green Week.And yet, the majority of visitors heading to the Czech stalls for beer - because Czech beer - one of the world's best.They had a choice of several brands.It spilled as traditional, well-known beer brands in Germany, and, for example, beer Rohan, which is represented in this year's Czech mini-brewery."This beer can be a good blow to the head.However, a man who drinks it, is nothing like that feeling - he likes Czech beer. "