How to make a square nails: tips and tricks

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Square nails recognized as the most practical and comfortable, and this opinion is shared by many women.The reason is that the load on the nail plate in this case is more evenly distributed, that is much less likely to happen and to break the chips.In addition, this form is almost not deformed, and even the long nails are more durable.

Now readers have quite naturally the question arises of how to make a square shape nail.In this and Pinpoint.You can cheer the fairer sex: correction of the nail is much faster than any other.Plus, it is a modern, stylish and comfortable, especially if the work activity is to work with your computer.It should also be noted that a manicure uses the vast majority of office workers.

So, how to make a square nail?First of all, pay attention to the length of the nail plate.This manicure looks good at any length, but the most appropriate medium.Especially recommended to use this solution for thin fingers and narrow palms.

Another tip: thinking how to make a square shape of nails, you need to pay attention to the cuticle, it should be a similar shape to a manicure looked the most harmonious.

If nails were traces of old nail polish, remove them.Then degreased nail plate liquid nail polish remover or special compound.Fingers should be dipped in warm water with liquid soap into it for a few minutes to soften cuticles.Then wipe dry hands, if necessary, shorten the nails or simply adjusted their part regrown using wire cutters.After this operation, the nails have become square, is just trim it with a nail file.The resulting slightly rounded corners, edges slightly processed (aligned), so nails will be more practical.This question of how to make a square shape nail closed.It remains only to cover them with lacquer.Now, a little stop at this point.

The easiest way, of course, use one nail - a couple of layers of nail polish and ready, but you can create a unique nail design square shape (for example a photo in the article).Most often in such cases, a French manicure, but you can resort to other methods.For example, make a drawing to use as ornaments rhinestones, stickers and so on.

On how to cut a square shape nails and how to decorate, figured out.It is necessary to focus on another point: who does not fit this form?Not very elegant, it looks short and chubby fingers.The fact that the square visually shorten the hand, which in this case can not be tolerated.

It is impossible not to note the fact that the square nails have several varieties that differ in length and filing process.That is the nail plate can be long and narrow, roughly speaking, to have a rectangular shape, and may be short and direct, that is, be it a square.There is another variety, it is sometimes called the "Moscow".For its base needed square shape, the ends of which rasp at an angle to the center of the region.Manicure in this case, a very unusual and bold.