Coffee lungo espresso to fans of the fortress and bitterness

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his morning drink most people believe still coffee.Tea is alternatively referred to less than 10% of cases.Probably because a coffee recipes are so diverse.The drink is prepared in many different ways, and can include up to ten times rather unexpected ingredients.Each person has a secret: someone thinks that it is necessary to pour the powder with boiling water, and someone - that lowered it into the water;there are disputes at what point the right to put some sugar and spices are combined with the best flavor and original taste of coffee.And with the advent of machines for brewing coffee drink became more available for morning use: spend less time to cook it - just do not work late.

Coffee options

Those who managed to evaluate the benefits of the coffee machine is usually preferred cooking method called espresso.No special apparatus is not a cook, but there are people who think that filled with boiling water and to defend the ground coffee is not inferior to the espresso prepared in the coffee machine.However, mandatory dense foam thus do not get it, and without it is a different drink.

second most popular subspecies - US.It differs from an espresso at the fortress.And no wonder - this kind of drink is obtained by diluting vulgar espresso additional portion of water.Without a modern coffee machine coffee not do again.

And the third option - lungo coffee.We can say that it is somewhere in the middle between the US and espresso water in it is less than in the first, but more than the second, and the fortress there is the same ratio.

Long espresso

note that coffee lungo gave the world all the Italians.The name can be translated as "long," "extended."The fact that with the same initial amount of magic powder extraction process lasts twice as long (minutes rather than 20-30 seconds).Water Coffee Lungo taken more than an espresso - up to 60 ml.Due to the fact that the milled grain passes through a far greater volume of fluid in the beverage extracted from them, some components that do not have time to move into it when using espresso technology.As a result, more bitterness lungo coffee and caffeine than espresso (and especially in the US).Except for longer cooking times, recipes, espresso and lungo nothing from each other do not differ.

Delicious variety

Not everyone knows, but use it as a beverage can (and should, especially in the heat!) And a nice cold additions.If the coffee machine is there and you have prepared before an unfamiliar kind of drink, make a separate froth milk, pour your Lungo in a tall beautiful glass Stir in the ice (preferably crushed, but you can diced), put foam and sprinkle with grated chocolate.Refreshes, invigorates.And, most importantly, delicious!