How to win the men.

How to win the men - a question that seems to never cease and will not cease to agitate the minds of the beautiful half of humanity.Hold it, become part of his life and go through the whole life together ... What else can dream of a true woman?

The fact that each person is different, say, hope is not necessary.Consequently, the circuit in each case are different.You can, however, bring a few general rules and secrets, we can lift the veil of secrecy on how to enchant a man.The first, second, and the list goes on - to always be uniform.Men like eyes - oh, how right folk wisdom!This, of course, does not mean that you need to run to the salon for a manicure 15-cm and 4 sizes of silicone ... umm ... lips.So please do not confuse beauty and vulgarity.These are different things that can attract different types of men with different well-intentioned.

woman - a puzzle to solve that before the end of the well, did not succeed.Boys, men and grandparents, this feature is very attractive.No need to throw out everything about myself as a spirit on the first date.Let all the necessary information flows gently and unobtrusively in small portions.

charm, charisma and confidence.These qualities will never go unnoticed and unappreciated."Love yourself" means "to be loved by all," "and to be loved by all" - "to be loved and them expensive and unique."Stay simple and relaxed, joking and laugh, in general - be yourself.Success is guaranteed!

Unavailable lady.Another important fad on the question of how to win the men.The conquerors, hunters - it does not take away from the true male conquerors of women's hearts.This is not the fairy tale!Statistics inexorable: First of all
visits that end with a bed, into something larger grows no more than 1%.Do you know how the eye is called too for the available girls guys?That's right.And then, why deprive yourself of all the charms of romantic candy buketnogo?

Tricks.Not only he is still running the show!Late for a date "for the sake of decency," to escape from it a little bit earlier and not "hear" his call - such things can and should enjoy.The main thing here, know when to stop, because it is unlikely you need baseless suspicions and quarrels.

His hobbies - our hobby.Talk about your hobbies can be seamlessly translated into his hobby.What does he do in his spare time, what movies and books loved, what music to listen to?And maybe all brands collects and cities for his beloved football team travels?So in fact you can all do it together.Find out about his hobbies as much as possible ("Google" to help you, as they say) - and go!A little genuine interest - and to win the man-of Taurus, Cancer and Aries (no matter in general) will be much easier.

shine mind.Live life with a pacifier, disassemble only in the types of pedicure and solarium - a dubious prospect.Personal development - that's something that should strive throughout their lives.If you without problems can speculate on history or cars, you can be sure: you discovered the secret of how to conquer men.

No molestation!Excessive claims for freedom can only scare him.The vagaries of the requirements - leave it all for later.And the best - and at all of them forget.You have not taken a strong position in his heart - do not forget about it!

So, we can easily see that for many years the general recommendations on how to win the men do not really have changed.And all because of that eternal human values.Good luck to you and love!