How to cheer up, if you want to sleep?

desire to sleep during the day - it's not a disease, but a failure of biorhythms, the so-called internal clock.In our fussy, almost half the inhabitants of large cities are people sleeping "on the fly".They decrease the tone and the memory is lost performance.These people are constantly under stress and often find themselves in silly situations.This article will try to figure out how to cheer up, if you want to sleep.

causes of the desire to sleep during the day

reasons may be: insomnia at night, change the time zone, lack of sunlight, work in shifts, stuffy office space, taking certain medications, excessive fatigue.In addition, sleepiness can be a consequence of such diseases and conditions such as diabetes, depression, obesity, alcoholism.

Also on lack of sleep affects a large number of entertainment, such as television programs, video game entertainment, Internet.Everyone wants to participate everywhere, see everything and try.Of course, during the day time at all it is not enough and we have to make up for it at night.

In the first half of the day people are working effectively and efficiently, in the second half desperately struggling with sleep, resorting to endless consumption of coffee, tea and even engineers.But it only worsens the situation - biorhythms upset with a vengeance, the nerves are depleted, disturbed sleep.This vicious cycle can drive a person to a nervous breakdown.

Vitamins and save the position of the movement

try to resolve the issue as to cheer up, if you want to sleep.The main way to deal with sleep is a movement.Morning must begin with a cool shower, and a few simple physical exercises.Before a workplace better to walk - great fresh morning air invigorates and walking propels the blood, which in turn activates the brain.In the evening, try not to engage in active business.Watch the movie, hang out with your family, read a book - it will contribute to a good and deep sleep.

in the fight against sleeping well help vitamins and minerals.If, for example, the body lacks vitamin B1, it can cause headache, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath and palpitation.Lack of vitamin B2 and B6 causes depression.For the normal functioning of the nervous system needs magnesium.

Proper nutrition

When the question arises about how to cheer up, if you want to sleep, you should pay attention to the daily diet, which should be moderately nutritious.The usual breakfast should contain a slice of bread, 150 g buckwheat porridge or oatmeal (optional), 100 grams of meat or fish.At lunch, eat vegetables rich salad sandwich with boiled eggs and 50 g of cheese.Fatty foods are best not to use, as they cause a feeling bloated.Food should charge you with energy and do not cause lethargy in the body.

In no case do not exclude fruit.It is necessary to minimize alcohol and nicotine.Include in the diet of black currant juice, has a tonic effect, carrot (helps fight disease).Buckthorn juice grapefruit and improve mood.Sugar juice is better not to add, but the spoon of honey can not hurt.

Fees and oil will help with drowsiness

stimulating collection is made of the ground in a blender herbs such as nettles, celery, echinacea and golden root.Incomplete data collection necessary teaspoon pour boiling water and infuse.You can also take a bit of the ground powder of herbs, and when necessary, to put into the language of two pinches and suck for a while.Just do not take it at night, and you can not sleep.

can take no more than 30 drops of ginseng, or Eleutherococcus.But do not overdo it, otherwise the heart will throb, jump pressure and overcome insomnia.

also refreshes cedar oil.A teaspoon of funds is necessary to take into his mouth, a little hold, swallow.Take 3 times a day before meals for a month.

Essential oils can help when you do not know how to cheer up, if you want to sleep.Only difference in the aroma of herbs.In combat daytime sleepiness apply lavender, lemon, jasmine.For courage is to smell the bottle or soaked cloth.

How to spend the night without sleep

Those who, for whatever reasons, are forced not to sleep, faced with the question how to cheer up, if you want to sleep at night.Here are a few tips that will help you.It is important to the day before the event a good night's sleep.To feel cheerful at night, the body must be rested.Well, if you are with a protein-rich snack.For example, almonds, cashews, walnuts and low-fat cheese, biscuits, yogurt.If possible, carry a banana and apple.

To keep the brain awake, meditate, talk with others, ask questions.Focus on some interesting topic, remember the sequence of events that causes the brain to work.Do not sit in one place, walk into the room where you are.It also helps when you do not know how to cheer up if you want to sleep.Wait at a window, if possible, visit the bathroom, go up and go down the stairs or jump on one place.

How not to fall asleep at work

working in an office room after a hearty dinner, people are fighting hard to stay awake.Such people often ask how to cheer up, if you want to sleep on the job.What to do in order to rid himself of a dream?Follow in the office a little workout.Take breaks between tasks performed.Sometimes simple ways to help cheer up themselves.For example, stamped his feet under the table, tug earlobes, pinch yourself, knead and stretch the shoulders.

Reduce the amount of food during lunch or share a meal for a few snacks.Easy hunger stimulates the brain to work - and you sleep perehochetsya.Excessive heat relaxes and lulls.To avoid this, open the windows in winter, and in summer the air conditioner.Add a glass of water ice and splash cold water on your face.Do not allow the body to dehydration, drink plenty of fluids.

How to cheer up, if you want to sleep on the job?Ignite office Incense sticks - and then not only you, but also all employees are guaranteed to cheer up.Be in the office flowers in pots for the purification of air.