How to turn on Bluetooth on your laptop

The owner of the laptop in the first place, the mobility values ​​of your electronic device that accompanies him on business trips and travel, can work with it and have fun away from home, without worrying about the wires as in the case of a home computer.If you want to connect to the Internet, you need to figure out how to turn on Bluetooth on your laptop and provide access to the network through it.

How to connect your laptop to the Internet

course, can be used for mobile computer 3G-modem, but this option is too expensive in financial terms.It is acceptable only when no available cell phone that supports compounds such as EDGE or GPRS.If you use Bluetooth, you do not need to pay extra fee for the service, as is the case with the modem.Just choose a data plan, which is cheaper in price.If you are going to turn on Bluetooth on a laptop, you will not only save money on the Internet, but also get rid of the clutter.

Bluetooth settings on your cell phone - instructions

First you need to check the connection to your phone.To make sure, you can send MMS.If the message is not passed, it is necessary to call the operator and get away from it by SMS settings.

To enable Bluetooth on your cell phone you need to enter the menu, then - "Applications".To find where Bluetooth, its options, "Settings".Choose to enable or disable the function.


Choosing a way to turn Bluetooth on a laptop, you face only two options.Either he will be embedded in your computer, and then the switch will be carried out using the Fn + F3 key or click the icon of the antenna.Either you have to buy a Bluetooth adapter, and connect it via USB.Adapter - a small size board that is installed in the computer, and it does not necessarily present in it.To determine whether it is available, you should download and install on your computer AIDA64.Then, select the menu "Devices", "Devices Windows», and in the window click on the category "Devices Bluetooth » and choose your Bluetooth-adapter.You will also need a special utility for installing wireless connections.

When connecting Bluetooth at the bottom of your desktop icon appears.To find out how to configure Bluetooth on your laptop, you need to follow the proposal of the Board.Together with the connection icon on the computer will be installed driver for the modem.We must click on the icon, right mouse button, then select Add Device.Then follow the setup instructions.In the course of her cell phone is requesting permission to connect to the computer.Each time you need to confirm the connection.

Before turning on Bluetooth on your laptop, make sure it is enabled on your cell phone, or Setup Wizard on your computer will not detect the device.To ensure the efficacy of the compound, it is possible to move the phone closer to your laptop.On your computer, you should check whether the device is detected earlier.For what it is necessary to enter in the menu "Start" button and open it, "Devices and Printers".Click the icon of your phone, right-click, choose the menu "Dial-Up" and "Create a dial-up connection."Then choose from the list any modem.

Then enter the cell phone number.For more information on the settings you need to check with your operator.When you click on "Connect" a connection.Do not forget to confirm the phone requests for permission to connect to a computer.This information is relevant for the machines that are running the operating system Windows 7.

Now study the proposal tips, you can conclude that the problem of how to turn on Bluetooth on your laptop is not such a complicated and, following the instructions, you can greatly simplify yourlife.