Choose a modem for a laptop.

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Modern technology is not standing still and is constantly evolving.This is primarily due to the fact that every year the needs of PC users are constantly growing, and manufacturers of different devices try to satisfy those needs.For example, modern laptops have become lighter and more compact, allowing their owners to work on such a mobile computer almost anywhere.But what makes sense to have a mobile compact notebook, if it is connected to the Internet via cable?

To make the search for information on the worldwide web more usable, more than a decade ago, it was released early modems for laptops which has been continuously improved.They are useful not only quick and simple network connectivity without cumbersome and restricting the movement of cables, but also its compactness.Modern modem for a laptop can easily fit in a laptop bag, pocket or purse.But the main advantage of this device is the mobility - with its help the user can check e-mail or visit his page in the social network from virtually any location.

Now let's look at how to choose a modem for a laptop, and what types of these devices in general can be found on the market today.According to the type of connection to your laptop suspended all such devices can be divided into three categories: USB-modems, PCI express-card and mobile routers.

Nowadays the most widely used USB-modems.It happened because of their indisputable advantages - ease of connection, compactness and versatility.PCI express-card are now hardly used (many modern laptops altogether devoid of connectors for them), but they are largely outperform USB-modem in terms of ergonomics.This is due to the fact that such a modem for a laptop after connecting almost completely "drowned" in the body of the laptop, while the device that is connected via USB, nearly always awkwardly pushed from the computer for at least a few centimeters.

Differ "mobile" for the modems and data rate.The most common form in the domestic market is now considered to be devices using the technology 3G - proposals on the basis of this method of wireless data is now available in almost every asset operator.3G-modem for notebook allows its owner to use the Internet at speeds up to 8 Mbit / s.However, the actual speed will vary greatly on the quality of coverage of the operator, the average connection speed in the reception area and a number of other factors.Faster connection type is a technology called «WiMAX», allowing to operate at speeds up to 10 Mbit / sec.And the most "slow" solution on the market today is the CDMA technology 450 (its "ceiling" - only 3.1 Mbit / s).

Before purchasing such a device as a modem for a laptop, make sure that the selected model is suitable for the operating system on your laptop.Otherwise, when you connect the modem may have problems with the installation of drivers and workability device in general.If you decide to buy a modem connection (according to one of the mobile operators for the provision of Internet access services), do not forget to make sure you have a quality cover in places where you are going to use the services of the provider.This is due to the fact that a mobile Internet - something quite capricious and the quality of its coating (and, therefore, ultimately resulting velocity) may influence even thickness of walls in a house.Therefore, before buying such devices should consult with a representative of the operating company.