Notebook Stand with your hands

What can facilitate the work of the portable computer and simultaneously reduce its heating?Assistant will stand for a laptop.The hands can be made from almost any available materials: scraps of plastic pipe, cardboard boxes or sheets of plywood.

in high-tech style.Notebook stand with their hands from a plastic tube

you need standard parts thinnest sewer pipe (32 mm diameter): direct knee (6 pcs.), The sleeve and short sleeve 2.Assemble the stand by connecting parts to each other in this order: the knee, pipe, 2 elbows at an angle to each other.Such designs created two, after which they are combined into one using the clutch.Ready Stand in front projection resembles the letter "P", and an end - a highly elongated up «Z».Open the tribes of the need to look up, and the clutch is the back and the bottom of the main reference point of the structure.The computer is placed on a support, thereby improving angle, effectively cools and in the holes of the pipe can be kept stationary, which are often in use.

notebook stand with their hands out of plywood or cardboard

for such crafts will need first to make a stencil.It looks like a pair of side panels of rectangular or triangular shape and the bar, which is set and laptop.Attached to each other by means of the elements and the grooves of the projections, wherein the slots are arranged on the end piece.Disassembled stand fits in a laptop bag, and it can carry.

Sides do not have to look clumsy - a rectangle - a platform that can be upgraded to your liking: zaruglit corners, drank any pattern.This applies, of course, to the option of plywood - more durable and decorative.Whip up a laptop stand with their hands may be made of the most ordinary cardboard packaging.Limit the lifetime of such a device - and a half months, but the process of creating simple and easy to get stuff for free.

can use more "lazy" way: Stand with your hands under the laptop is made of a flat cardboard box, wide side of which is the same size or greater than the value of the unit.Suitable packaging of the gift edition of a book of large format.To provide better cooling, one can cut holes in the material.For some models this may not be enough if the computer is really hot, you can use the method below.

notebook stand with cooling with his hands

basis for this article will be the paper tray of transparent plastic A4.For active cooling will need a cooler (up to 4, depending on the intensity of heat laptop) with fasteners, wire USB AB.Also handy screwdriver handle, cutter and duct tape.

to start on the box marked location of the coolers, the penetrating holes for screws or nails soldering iron, heated on a gas stove.Cooling units are bolted to the places above them in the plastic are slots for air circulation.Cut with a sharp knife is better, hot on the fire.Some bumps and rough patches up after a sharp cooling of the plastic cutter or fine sandpaper.

the cooler must be cut connectors.Now prepare the cable: Select the desired length and cut the wire.Because it must be the end of the plug, get the "+" (usually red wire) and "land" (usually black), connect them to the USB power wires and insulate.It will only have to connect the supply to the notebook and forget about the possible overheating and related problems.