Right first kiss - what is it?

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in everyone's life a lot of different important events of the heart.One of these is the first kiss.What it should be, and that all you need to do?Often this question is given by a huge number of young people.It is necessary to understand some of the nuances.


most important in the first, in principle, as in all others, the kiss is a desire, the desire to kiss is the man.Only in this way, at the peak of their emotions can get the greatest pleasure in the world.Only in this way we will certainly succeed, and the first kiss will be only the most pleasant and warm memories.And it is very important for all subsequent relationships with the opposite sex in the life of any person.

moment of surprise

important recommendations in clarifying what should be the first kiss will be the Council that it should be spontaneous, unexpected.You should not ask your pre object of adoration, "whether you can kiss you?".Everything must come from the heart.The moment for such action - a huge amount.Any romantic atmosphere may contribute to this: a meeting in a cafe, walking the city at night, goodbye at the entrance door ... It is those cases where a kiss is not only necessary, but also very important.You can also kiss a girl in unusual or unexpected for her situation.For example, during the game: first kiss at the entertainment will not only surprise, but also a pleasant event.Also remembered will be the kiss while wrangling and disputes in the pair.The girl is a surprise.By the way, this is a great way to close his mouth the lady if she sold outright.

Types kisses

Probably everyone knows that there are many different kinds of kisses.So what better to start with?Certainly not from the French.The first kiss should be gentle, soft, gentle.You should not rush to his companion with a desire ponastavlyat him (or her) Suck it would be inappropriate.Light touch of the lips - that's the perfect first kiss in the history of each pair.And from then on the events may develop in different scenarios.


Everyone knows that exciting moments in human hands are sweating, breathing may be interrupted or even dizzy.This is normal, but this behavior can cause issues, or even frighten a partner.Therefore, we should as much as possible to control myself, to avoid such incidents.Do not panic or too nervous in the first kiss is nothing wrong, in fact, it is a pleasant experience.Also, be sure to take care of body odor.Maybe this and unpleasant to think, but the smell of sweat and unpleasant smell from the mouth once and for all can scare a person.And so the first kiss may be the last pair in a relationship.


should also think about where do you need to put your hands on the first kiss.Scour throughout the body in search of where the catch on - is not an option.The ideal situation would be if the girl embraces guy behind the neck, and the man put his hands on the waist of the lady.Trying to grasp the girl's ass or chest - not the best option, because you can only scare his beloved.


If it is absolutely unclear how should pass first kiss can be at home to practice the art of kissing the opposite sex.Help can be and the old way of training on tomatoes.But better still to see some video or ask your friends about it.By the way, perfectly explain the history of the first kiss of life.You can talk about it with love couples.