Amazing religion (of which you are unlikely to hear)

addition to the traditional religions of the world, on the planet Earth, there are many cults and movements that are born in films, technological progress, and even the heirs of the royal families.

jediism - Jedi religion

unlikely that George Lucas filming "Star Wars", suspected that his fantasy film will be the beginning of a new religion, whose adherents are waving fake lightsabers and walk in the nylon coats.In Britain, even for a religious is recognized, thanks to the 2001 census, which found that 0.7% of the population (390,000 people) profess jediism.

followers of the teachings of faith that exists in the universe universal "power" can be managed by people who have reached a certain level of development.However, because this religion is still young, the well-established rules on how to achieve perfection does not exist yet.Some aspire to higher stages, using Taoist and Buddhist practices, while others believe that a daily view of the first trilogy (later versions do not have mystical properties) will sooner or later bring them to understand the essence of things.

Vudizm - The Church of Ed Wood

Hollywood director Ed Wood, recognized in 1980, "the worst director of all time" was rather unusual personality.His mother, who wanted a girl always, the son of a child dressed in the dress, leaving the boy acquired a passion for dressing.Even while serving in the army, he wore a form of women's underwear.In the early 50's Ed Wood moved to Hollywood and began to promote their film projects.Seek professional Ed did not consider it necessary, but because all his films produced by people unrelated to the cinema is not available.Sources of funding were also very funny.So, one of the bands sponsored the owner of a Texas slaughterhouse, and the other - Southern Baptist church, which had previously been forced to be baptized the whole crew.In the 70's Ed Wood became interested in shooting porn, and even the role played in some of them.Alas, none of the pictures taken are not a success.

Glory also came to the director after his death, thanks to the more eminent colleague, who shot a film about the life and work of Ed Wood.The budget picture is a hundred times greater than the cost of all the works of Wood, put together, and starring Johnny Depp.Despite the fact that the film flopped at the box office, he received Academy Award, Golden Globe and Saturn, and along the director has turned transvestite in a new "savior", a teaching tolerance and unconditional acceptance of reality.However, most of the "vudistov" often did not even look any film of his idol, because they really mediocre.

Society Aetherius

This religion is a prime example of what can do the taxi driver unexpectedly been involved for yoga.One day, sitting in the lotus position in his London flat, King George heard a voice from heaven announcing him: "Get ready, you will be a messenger of interplanetary parliament."George was not taken aback, quickly gathered around him like-minded people and began to preach to the inhabitants of the Earth's cosmic wisdom.The wisdom of this is the fact that all the planets of the solar system are inhabited, and Saturn sits space parliament, including caring and against the inhabitants of our planet.Member of Parliament, Mr. Aetherius, King chose to communicate through it to the earthlings important information about the work of interplanetary legislature.No conflicts with other religions from reading "Cosmic gospel" does not arise, since in their view, Jesus, Buddha, Rama, Krishna and others are just messengers cosmic brotherhood.

¬ęSociety Aetherius" really meets all the canonical representations of the religious current.Thousands of his followers in different countries of the West have their own rituals, prayer, sacraments, and even a place for pilgrimage.The founder of the company, George King, has long moved to Los Angeles, with frequent travels around the world to give lectures and inspection purposes.


Not to be outdone by the British, the French racer Claude Varlion hurried known to mankind of the existence of certain supercivilization Elohim, whose contact with the earthlings bring immeasurable benefits.Himself Claude Elohim taken to himself, renamed Rael and told him how earthlings can achieve the same level of development.At the same time the aliens told that they have created mankind by cloning the 25 thousand years ago and that in 2025 in Jerusalem to land their spaceship.

contact with the Elohim is quite simple - you just have to make a special meditation regularly.It's funny that while raelisty completely deny the spiritual component, viewing the world solely from the material point of view.God, as such, they do not exist.There are only supercivilization to achieve that level, and should seek earthlings.Therefore followers Claude welcome the introduction of technology into all areas of life, and at the same time feel good cloning, euthanasia, and sexual orientation.

Happy Science

founder flow Ryuho Okawa, first unsuccessfully dabbled in law and finance, and only then realized that much more money you can earn by designing your own religion.The company has been very successful: Okawa became a revered man in Japan, his company makes films and publishes books on how to achieve true happiness, and the number of believers is increasing.No wonder the popularity of Okawa not, because people promising to bring happiness to all mankind, will inevitably use the sympathy of others.In his books he writes that told him during a spiritual practice, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed, and these works are scattered all over the world a good circulation, but read a prediction that North Korea eventually invade Russia and colonized Japanpretty funny.Not so long ago Okawa created in Japan a political party, declaring it the main purpose of increasing the number of people in Japan and 300 million people.

Wave Laboratory doomsday

creator society Waves doomsday Japanese Yuko Tino believes the main scourge of mankind mobile phones and all other sources of electromagnetic radiation.And escape from the radiation, which is, in fact, is the machinations of "leftist extremists", can only be wearing white clothes and performing regular spiritual ceremonies.The organization romp Japan for white cars, pasted strange rectangular plates, and at every stop in the villages looking for places with the lowest level of radiation, offering local residents to move it there.Yuko Tino predicted that in May 2003, life on Earth will disappear as a result of the pole shift, but then suffered his prophecy about the end of the world for an indefinite period.

Prince Philip Movement

turns out that some people Prince Philip is not only the husband of Queen Elizabeth, but a deity who is worshiped.According to the beliefs of the tribes inhabiting the tiny Pacific state of Vanuatu, the prince is actually the son of a mountain spirit, who traveled to distant seas and sooner or later have to return to their homeland.Cult emerged after the Second World War, when the military went from the region and, consequently, the underdeveloped countries have lost their source of all the wonderful things that have accompanied military bases.In 1974, the royal couple visited the UK to Vanuatu, bringing with him rich presents, as a result, is now on each of the eighty-three islands of the country arranged shrine with portraits of Prince Philip.They say that the Prince did not dissuade aborigines in his own divine essence, considering their beliefs fun.

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