Biography Ryleeva Kondrati Fedorovich - short story of the fight for freedom

word "Decembrists" in the minds of many people associate with noble and selfless daredevils who, despite his aristocratic origins, went against high society, t. E. The society to which they belonged.That biography Ryleeva Kondrati Yanukovych - one of the leaders of the Decembrist movement - is a testament to his selfless struggle for justice and the rights of ordinary people.

childhood and adolescence of the poet

September 18, 1795 in the impoverished noble family was born Rileyev Kondraty Fedorovich.His father, who served as the manager of Prince Golitsyn, was a man with a sharp temper and behaved like a despot towards his wife and son.Anastasia Matveevna - Ryleeva mother, wanting to spare his young son from the ill-treatment of his father, was forced to give it to the age of six (in 1801) to be raised in the first Cadet Corps.It is here that the young Kondraty Rileyev found a strong character and a talent for writing poems.In 1814, 19-year-old cadet become an officer, and he was sent to serve in the horse artillery.In the first year of service, he went hiking in Switzerland and France.F. Kondraty military career ended after 4 years, leaving in 1818 to retire.

Kondraty F. Rileyev.Biography novice poet-rebel

In 1820, after his marriage to Natalia Tevyashovoy Rileyev moved to St. Petersburg, and moving closer to the capital intellectual circles.He becomes a member of the Free Society of Lovers of Russian Literature, and he became interested in Masonic Lodge "flaming star".Literary future revolutionary activity begins during the same period.He published his works in several editions of St. Petersburg.Unheard of impertinence and courage of the poem "To favorites" struck Ryleeva friends, because it is in a very general metilo Arakcheeva.Reputation incorruptible champion of justice, the young poet-rebel acquired when was appointed assessor Criminal Division.Biography Ryleeva Kondrati Yanukovych regarding the first years of life in the capital, contains information about his friendship with many famous literary figures of the time: Pushkin, Bulgarin, Marlinsky, Speransky, Mordvinov and others.

Rileyev: "I am not a poet,and citizen »

The house Ryleeva often gather literary society, and on one of these meetings, in 1823 and have Ryleeva Marly (AA Bestuzhev) conceived the idea of ​​the release of the annual anthology" Polar Star ", which was the predecessor of the newspaper" MoscowTelegraph ".At the same time he published a poem "Voynarovsky" and the famous patriotic ballad "Duma" Ryleeva.Therefore, it becomes a member of the revolutionary Northern Society, and a year later he was elected head of the society.


Since that time Ryleeva Kondrati biography Fedorovich entirely devoted to his revolutionary activities.After the legendary uprising at Senate Square revolutionary poet, he was arrested and imprisoned in the fortress.During interrogations, he was calm and took responsibility for organizing the uprising.Rileyev became one of the five Decembrists sentenced to death.Heroes revolutionaries were hanged July 13, 1826.Unfortunately, biography Ryleeva Kondrati Fedorovich quite short, because he lived only 31 years.However, his life was rich and colorful and completely devoted to the civil service, and the public good.