Cream of stretch marks during pregnancy: reviews.

Many expectant mothers are afraid of losing the figure after childbirth.And the most common problem among pregnant and lactating women - this is not the appearance of excess weight, and stretch marks on the body.They can occur in the chest, abdomen, legs and even arms.Doctors recommend expectant mothers do not wait until the trouble to come and use the cream for stretch marks during pregnancy.Testimonials on the matter clear: striae very difficult to remove, so it's best to take care of their prevention.

What are extensions

To put it in medical terms, is stretch - a subcutaneous scars caused by micro-breaks of deep layers of the epidermis.Stretch marks are white or red stripes pronounced in certain parts of the body.When the voids are filled microfractures connective tissue, thereby forming a light-colored subcutaneous scar.If the vessels are injured, stretching can acquire a red tint.

striae why they appear?

Contrary to popular opinion, the reasons for which in pregnant women appear subcutaneous scars, do not focus only on increasing the volume of the body.It is therefore important to understand that even the best cream for stretch marks can not fully insure against this problem.Basically stretch marks in pregnancy are due to the following reasons:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • hormonal fluctuations;
  • strong weight gain;
  • lack of vitamins.

Any of these factors can reduce the elasticity of the skin, so that it will be difficult to adapt to changes in the body of the future mother.The most frequently pregnant and giving birth women suffer from stretch marks on the stomach, as this is the area most exposed to strong deformations.

Comprehensive prevention of stretch marks

It should be noted that preventive measures to prevent stretch marks should be carried out strictly in an integrated manner.This at times will reduce the risk of stretch marks and help maintain the beauty of the skin throughout pregnancy.

It is very important for pregnant women to not forget about weight control.This will help them a proper diet and regular visits to the doctor.Ladies awaiting a baby, it is worth to include in your diet as many fruits and vegetables - this will insure beriberi.Approximately 4 months of pregnancy should begin to wear a special bandage that will help keep your stomach muscles toned.

particular importance in the prevention of stretch marks take beauty treatments.Already at 8-9 week waiting baby should begin to care for the skin of the body, using at least a normal baby cream.From stretch marks during pregnancy also help insure natural cosmetic oil (olive, lavender and so on. D.).However, the greatest effect can be achieved by means of special creams designed to prevent stretch marks.The main thing that your chosen product nourishes and softens the skin as possible.

How to apply cream expectant mothers

Regular use of the chosen means - the key to successful prevention of stretch marks.You must apply the cream to areas of the body that are most prone to risk of subcutaneous scarring.In future mothers, these are the abdomen, chest and hips.During the procedure, it is recommended to perform light massage to help evenly distribute the agent over the surface of the body and allow it to be absorbed quickly.

Medical professionals recommend that all women, without exception, use a cream for stretch marks during pregnancy.Reviews of many expectant mothers prove that quality and systematically applied the product can even eliminate stretch marks have appeared in the initial stage.Efficiency means it is a real effort with the help of additional measures such as:

  • daily massage problem areas;
  • peeling areas prone stretch.

begin to use a cream against stretch marks you need approximately 9 weeks of pregnancy.By this time it is slightly different form of the body of the future mother, so there is the need to introduce preventive measures against the occurrence of stretch marks.Girls who have a predisposition to the striae, can resort to the use of cream at the planning stage of the child.This will help prepare the skin beforehand to stress and make it more pliable.

selection means against stretch marks

course, defining cream for the prevention of stretch marks, it is necessary to rely on features of their own body.For example, they include tolerance odors.Some women are very hard to endure harsh odors during pregnancy, so the tool with a strong fragrance composition they do not fit.

choosing a good cream for stretch marks, you must also follow the general rules:

  • product is better to buy only a specialty store or a pharmacy.
  • The packaging of cosmetic means have to be marked "for pregnant women."
  • opt recommended on hypoallergenic cream, as the waiting period for the baby expectant mother may be increased sensitivity of the skin.
  • should pay attention to the composition of the funds.It must include natural emollients (avocado oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ, etc.), as well as vitamins, retinoids, elastin and collagen.

important to understand that effective cream for stretch marks during pregnancy can not be cheap.Focus on their financial capabilities when choosing a product - this is normal.But do not resort to extremes, and risk the health of the baby, choosing a cream producer unreliable.

To make it easier to decide on the means, here are some of the most popular products against stretch marks.

Cream of stretch marks during pregnancy Sanosan: composition, action

tool produced by the German manufacturer.The cream is universal: it is suitable for applications such as pregnant women, nursing mothers and.In addition, the product helps not only for the prevention of stretch marks, but also to actively combat them.Included in the cream ingredients help to enhance the regenerative function of the skin, soften and smooth the surface of the epidermis.

main active ingredients means - jojoba oil and wheat proteins.They saturate the skin with vitamins, promote retention of moisture and stimulates cell renewal.Additional sources of nutrients are the milk proteins, olive oil and hibiscus extract.The last component in its action is invaluable: it replenishes the skin with an arsenal of vitamins and minerals, but also significantly improves its tone.

Cream Sanosan ("Sanosan") from the stretch is recommended for use from the first days of pregnancy.The product is completely hypoallergenic, that only adds points in his favor.The average cost of funds of about 200 rubles.The volume of the tube with a cream - 100 ml.According to responses of women using Sanosan, funds are spent very economically.This nuance can be attributed to the product list budget.When used properly, it means missing quite a long time.

cream for pregnant and lactating women Avent

British-made product designed for expectant mothers, not only helps to get rid of stretch marks, but also provides relaxation of the body and results in muscle tone.Avent, as well as the previous tool, deservedly tops the list of creams for stretch marks during pregnancy.

This cosmetic product contains in its composition algae extract, which moisturizes all layers of the epidermis, giving them elasticity and softness.Thanks to oil papaya, located in the cream, there is a local antihistamine effects on the skin.In addition, recovered water balance in the cells of the epidermis, causing the output of which excess fluid.The soothing effect on the body have the essential oils of orange and almond, as contained in the cream.They give a gentle means of subtle flavor, which allows the expectant mother to get the most out of the procedure.

Women who use this cream for stretch marks during pregnancy leave positive feedback.The tool is excellent for skin prone to allergies.Moreover, it does not irritate the sensitive nose of the future mother, but on the contrary, eliminates discomfort.The manufacturer specifies that a cream for use during lactation.The only caveat in this regard: when applied to funds in the chest to avoid the nipple.

Mama Comfort for sensitive skin cream

feature is that it is designed to care for very sensitive skin, which often appears irritation.The tool is produced of domestic brand "our mother."The action of the product is aimed at the elimination of dry skin, which serves as an excellent prevention of the appearance of stretch marks.

Cream Mama Comfort ("Mama Comfort") is made of stretch marks in the form of an emulsion, which is quickly absorbed and penetrates even into the deepest layers of the dermis.Once in the body, it stimulates the cellular metabolic processes, thereby contributing to the saturation of the skin with nutrients.Olive oil as an active ingredient Moisturizing body areas exposed to stretching, makes them soft and supple.The extracts of chamomile and tea tree oil reduce inflammation and irritation, as well as enter into the regeneration of the epidermal cells.Extract from the horse chestnut strengthens the collagen and elastin in the skin cells.The most important component of the emulsion Mama Comfort is hyaluronic acid.This substance - the secret of beauty and youthful skin.It contributes to the process of cell renewal of the epidermis and helps to keep the moisture in them.

noticeable effect can be achieved in a few months, if you regularly apply this cream for stretch marks during pregnancy.Reviews of many expectant mothers inspire the acquisition means; it really prevents the appearance of stretch marks.The emulsion is recommended for use throughout the period of carrying the baby, as well as after birth, before the final recovery.

Mustela: prevention and treatment of stretch marks in pregnant

This tool is much higher described creams.However, this does not diminish its popularity among expectant mothers.Judging by the reviews of buyers, the French cosmetic product does its job perfectly: successfully fights the appearance of stretch marks.The tool called "9 months" enriched extract of Sophora japonica, as well as shea butter and silicon.These components have a pronounced stimulating effect on the skin cells.In addition, in the ego structure includes a whole range of minerals and trace elements, providing nutrition and hydration of the dermis.The main feature of the product Mustela - the presence of a peptide and elastoregulyatorov that contribute to the restoration of the skin and the formation of collagen fibers in them.

proved that the best cream for stretch marks during pregnancy is completely hypoallergenic.With this demand, developers Mustela coped very well - means ladies can be used even with very sensitive skin.Active therapeutic effect is not only to expectant mothers, but also in nursing women.

Fat and fairly thick consistency of cream you can use it as a base for massage.This is especially a lot of pregnant and lactating women suffer as a negative feature.According to some reviews, the means with difficulty over the surface of the body and is absorbed slowly.

Cream Vichy: expectant mothers to help

another product against stretch marks, got on the domestic market of France, released by Vichy.The tool is made on the basis of thermal water.Despite the high cost, the cream "Vichy" does not cease to be popular among young mothers and pregnant women.The reason for this - fast effectiveness of the product, proven a variety of consumers.

is confirmed not only by specialists but also by pregnant women that the cream just a few months corrects incurred striae, significantly reducing their size.Color red stretch marks is more subdued and eventually becomes barely noticeable light shade.With regular use, the cream provides integuments adequate nutrition and hydration.The tool stimulates the growth of collagen fibers responsible for the elasticity of the dermis and its resistance to deformation.Because of the composition of saturated cream "Vichy" (Vichy) has a very dense and oily consistency.However, this does not impair its properties: the product is remarkably absorbed by the skin, leaving no traces on the clothes and underwear.

means hypoallergenic, so experts recommend it for use on any terms of carrying a baby.In addition, the cream is effective in eliminating post-natal stretch marks.

Ointment "Bepanten": Pregnancy

Immediately it should be noted that the means which will be discussed, relates rather to drugs than to cosmetic products.For this reason, not all women decide to use for the prevention of stretch marks "Bepanten."Price creams made in Switzerland is quite high, but future mothers, who still gave him preference, argue that it's worth it.

The original use of the drug is in the healing of various skin lesions.Innovative cream composition has absolutely no contraindications for use during pregnancy and lactation.In addition, "Bepanten" well tolerated, even infants, making it an indispensable tool in the medicine chest of a young mother.

main active ingredient ointment - deksapantenol.This component is very rapidly absorbed by skin cells.Over time, it is converted to pantenolovuyu acid, which, in turn, has been actively involved in the regenerative function of the dermis.This feature allows expectant mothers to successfully apply for the prevention of stretch marks not only the standard cosmetics, but also "Bepanten."The price of the drug, of course, the bites, but it justifies the result.The cost of the tube, depending on the dosage - from 350 to 600 rubles.In addition deksapantenola active effect on the skin have almond oil and lanolin.Components intensely moisturize the treated areas of the body and give it elasticity.

Whatever brand you choose a cream, skin care during pregnancy should be daily.The use of special cosmetics will reduce the risk of stretch marks to a minimum.