How to congratulate a friend on his birthday?

birthday - it's a special day and the most favorite holiday for many people.On this day, all the attention is focused on the birthday child, and that he will listen to a lot of congratulations and wishes.Listen congratulations and enjoy life and pleasant pastime - and that's all that's left to do a birthday when the party is already organized.

where guests come harder, because happy birthday friend so wishes he remembered and pleased with it, is not so simple.His head is always a lot of good and correct ideas, but when it comes time to say a celebratory toast or give a gift, it all starts to get confused and go.If you are familiar with this problem, perhaps, is to prepare for the congratulations in advance.

birthday greetings to each other in various ways.The easiest - it is usual to express wishes.Happiness, health, love - the core values, which is not enough for everyone.Choose them and can not go wrong.However, this greeting will sound terribly corny, and your words are at risk to get lost among many congratulations.In general, you get neither good nor bad - just nothing.

So congratulations to brighten need to add things that are missing in your life is your friend.Personalize your greeting, and it will play very different colors.For example, you wish to succeed with a girl in love with that one, or improve on the job, if you know what he is fighting for it.By doing this you would think that a birthday is not a stranger, and aware of what constitutes his current life.

If you want to congratulate a friend on his birthday more original way, try to make a greeting in verse.Just do not make the typical mistake here.Verses downloaded from the Internet, sound insincere and false.After all, you have not shown a drop diligence to make greeting himself.Better verse sounds ugly, but it will be your verse - birthday will appreciate the fruits of your creativity.Do not know how to write for yourself - ask for help from someone who knows.The main thing that was felt in the poem birthday person and your attitude towards it.

even more original happy birthday friend possible if invent your own toast or just a little story that reflects some important points that you would wish for.If you have such a story will, your greeting is guaranteed to be the most memorable and enjoyable for the birthday, the truth of the matter is not easy and not always possible.

can think of a lot more original ways, because you are limited only by your own imagination.For example, do not necessarily make a speech, because you can and send a congratulatory message to friend . This form will result in a little old for him a pleasant surprise, because to get a letter - it's always a little joy.

By the way, surprise - is the best way to raise the birthday mood.It's over, everyone loves a solemn moment, when all the guests gather around the table and say their speech, but that is even more pleasant when greeting and birthday gifts come to a sudden and without warning.

Organization of birthdays of friends, as well as the organization of congratulations - this is generally quite difficult matter that requires a certain talent.The vast majority of people are content with the role of passive guest who has a birthday pleasure by their presence and sincere words.However, if you want to be in the spotlight, the Train, and over time your birthday greetings sdnem friend will be more interesting, original and enjoyable.