NS Leskov "Toupee Artist": Summary of works

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According to the story "Lefty" modern readers better known writer Nikolai Leskov."Toupee Artist," a summary of which is contained in this article - is the product of love serf actress and a barber, whose fate depends on the will of the wayward and ill-Count Kamensky.The story is built in such a way as if the long history of the old nurse tells the author's younger brother in the cemetery at the grave of "The Toupee Artist," Arcadia.That she had to endure all the pain of unrequited love, and the arbitrariness of the owner.

NS Leskov."Toupee artist."The main characters of the work

  • Arkady - grimirovschik and hairdresser in the castle theater actresses.In his honor and named the story.
  • Love Onisimovna - artist, lover of the protagonist.
  • Count Kamensky - the owner of the theater.
  • Brother Count Kamensky.
  • Drosida - crazy drunken old woman, who went to the main character.

NS Leskov."The Toupee Artist," (summary).The heads 1-5

Arkadi - nice and interesting people.It serves as the theater of Count Kamensky Orel grimirovschikom young actresses.Sam loves his master, but it holds a great rigor, as well as his other serfs.So, the actress of the theater prohibited any loving relationships with men.That right belonged only to the count.He was known for his passion for women of this kind.In this theater is a beautiful young actress Love Onisimovna that love in Arcadia.He, in turn, responds to her feelings.But to meet the lovers are not able to, because it is forbidden by their master.Arcadia is also the risk of being given into the soldiers were allowed to cut and shave someone other than Earl.

NS Leskov."The Toupee Artist," (summary).Heads of 6-11

One Count at his home gave a reception in honor of a passing eagle emperor.He planned to show the play in which the main role was played Love Onisimovna.As a gift for that Earl gave her kamarinovye earrings - a sign of special favor to the host actress.After the performance, in the form of Luba innocent maiden Cecilia were delivered to the room Kamensky.

and dressed it should Arkasha.To him, too, quietly crept up trouble.On a visit to his brother, the Count came from the village, who asked his barber to put himself in a handsome fortune.Kamensky refused him, saying that his best barber shears Arkady only him.Then Brother Earl deception to lure talented master, allegedly cut his poodle.When Arkady came Count brother ordered him to cut and shave.Forced hairdresser had to agree to it.After the performance grimirovschik, fulfilling orders of the graph comes to his beloved, to comb it.He promises to take her away from willful and lustful master and marry her.Young lovers do not know that the door is already waiting for them to six people to immediately grab them.Realizing this, Arkady knocks out the window and ran shoulder to Any.Equip them chase.They go to the priest who "desperately wedding" blessing.

NS Leskov."The Toupee Artist," (summary).Heads of 12-19

Young asked the priest to marry them and hide from his pursuers.Pop takes money from them, but the people still count their outputs.The prisoners were taken to the estate of the owner.Luba long questioned how long she remained alone with Arkady.A young barber at the same time tortured and tormented.Occur under this torture room Love Onisimovny.She loved hearing the screams, tries to commit suicide.After rescuing her, like a madman, is removed at the farmyard under the supervision of drunken old woman Drosidy.After a while Ljuba learns that Arkashu Earl gave soldiers, shells mail to send it to war.

past three years.Because the disease poor girl feet in the theater is no longer returned.So she lived on the barnyard with Drosidoy.Soon Luba received a letter from a loved one who was promoted to officer rank.He wrote that he would come and buy it from the graph.Only this was not to happen.Coaching night janitor robbed and killed the former hairdresser.In the morning until Lubasha came the news that killed her Arkady.He staged a lavish funeral as an officer and a gentleman almost.But Luba since addicted to alcohol.

Leskov's story "The Toupee Artist," makes the reader a sense of compassion for the people forced the serfs, the fate of which is entirely dependent on their masters.The author of the words in the work of the protagonist says that ordinary people have to feel sorry that they are all "stradateli."