"Carlson and the baby."

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Of course, even the most "rich" collection of books, which only exists in the world, the most valuable for the majority of children born in the Soviet and Russian era, is "immortal" work about the Kid and Carlson, once created a truly talented writer from SwedenAstrid Lindgren.

Moreover, all agree that the question: "Why?", We can give a lot of answers.

So, "The Kid and Carlson."Summary of the above product can be regarded as the undisputed evidence that it is - a kind of guide to life, where you can find answers to lots of questions.Tale once again reminds adults that can not treat everything too seriously in life should be a place and a joke.

Undoubtedly, this tale can be considered one of the priceless treasures of world literature is replete with humor and "winged" expressions.

What is this fairy tale in which the protagonists are Carlson and the Kid.Summary, alas, not all children know the "modern era".And it's a huge omission of their parents.We will try to fill this gap.

In a typical Swedish town living is quite a normal child who has parents, brother and sister.Sometimes the kid seems that the family give him a little time, and it feels a little lonely, feeling a great need for friendship.Even a request to have a little puppy parents refused.And then on the horizon appears Carlson ...

Who is it?It all seems like a "man in the prime of life."In fact, it's small, plump and opinionated man, it is absolutely not without charm.To him immediately imbued with sympathy.

reading this book, with each chapter just amazed at what "extravagant" fudge and much more Carlson Kid.Summary of this remarkable work is useful to know each child, and not in order to begin to imitate the "merry men" and to learn to value friendship.Carlson becomes Toddler reliable and loyal friend, in spite of all his pranks and mischief, they are always ready to help each other.What are the characters of the protagonists of these extraordinary adventurers as Carlson and kid?Summary when the reader to read it, will answer this question.

Carlson besides the fact that he is well-fed, says that he is also the best in everything.His favorite phrase: "Is not it time we would have some fun?" And the kid with pleasure agrees.They blow up with Carlson steam engines together playing hide and seek, and once "plump man" invites kids to his small house on the roof, where they drink coffee and eat tasty buns.Carlson and then wants to have fun, and they ambush on known thieves - Fillet and Rulle.However, parents do not want Toddler believe in the existence of Carlson, and regretting that it does not give him enough time, will eventually give birth to the Kid's Day puppy, what a child insanely happy.

Subsequently parents Toddler leave, and it looks hired a housekeeper, whose name Bok.Carlson, of course, do not miss the opportunity to play a trick on her and, dragging her buns directly "from under his nose."

In the future, to the kids coming to visit my uncle Julius, who eventually becomes her husband Bok."The best in the world" can not leave this fact without attention - he always wants to be the guest of honor at their wedding ... Of course, it is the content of a fairy tale - just short."The Kid and Carlson" - a three-dimensional work, to paraphrase that takes a long time.

course, Carlson is not deprived childhood weaknesses that can not but cause laughter.However, the identity of Kid developing, he always thinks and thinks what is bad and what is good.Often, it is even extremely judicious, though leprosy his friend carried away incredible.

Tale a "crammed" elements of humor and witty expressions that have long been "dismantled for quotes."Why are only "Nonsense - it happens" or "Do you milk escaped."

course, the content of "The Kid and Carlson" from the very beginning to the very end is impregnated with kindness and a touch of irony.Always worth to recommend to read the book to children - it will give them unforgettable moments of joy!