Many of us have probably read in the school novel FMDostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment."The history of the creation of the work.It is known that the author to write his case prompted the French intellectual Pierre-killer Francois Lasera, accused the company of all my troubles.Here is a summary of the novel.Thus, FM Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment".

What made Rodion the murder

place action - one of the poorest areas of St. Petersburg, the time - 60 years of XIX century.Rodion Raskolnikov, a former student now refers old moneylender his last valuable thing to lay it.He lives in a little room in the attic.He has no money.Reflecting on the fact that such disgusting people like percenter that profit from the plight of other people should not live, he decides to kill the old woman.His meeting in the tavern with a drunken officer Marmeladovs that former student says that his wife Katerina Ivanovna because poverty pushed his daughter Sonja panel strengthens Rodion in this decision.In addition to all the next morning our hero receives a letter, from which we learn about the arrival of his mother and sister Dunya, who must marry Luzhin - Human small but prosperous.Rodion's mother hopes that the funds will help the future son-son to continue his studies at the university.Reflecting on the victims Sony and Dunya, Raskolnikov convinces himself that the murder of an old woman money-lender to the public good.With an introduction to the main character and motives of his crime and the future begins to Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment".Heroes of the works are not divided into positive and negative.All of them are inherent in human weakness and a willingness to commit a sin by virtue of any circumstances.


In the soul of our hero fighting two opposite feelings.One says that the death lender foregone conclusion, and the other is opposed to violence.The night before the murder Rodion a dream-memories of childhood.It shrinks the boy's heart with pity for skinny nag, which is beaten to death.But despite this, still Raskolnikov commits murder of an old woman.Together with her, he also kills her sister Lizaveta, who witnessed the violence.Stolen valuables former student hid in a random place, not even having estimated their value.So describes the murder scene in Dostoevsky's novels."Crime and Punishment" allows us not only to get acquainted with the psychology of the criminal, but also to understand the motives of the commission of a crime.

Relationship with Raskolnikov and Sonia Katerina Ivanovna

after committing the crime, Raskolnikov feels sick.It does not remain invisible to others.Shortly before it heard rumors that the accused in the murder of an old woman painter Mikolka.Our hero is a strong feeling of remorse and decides to have to confess to the crime.But this time he sees the person moves the carriage.Rodion runs and sees that it is marmalade.Our hero spends his last money to ensure that dying was brought home to him and called the doctor.The house Marmeladova he met with his daughter Sonja and Katerina Ivanovna.It describes one of the most significant episodes in the novel Dostoevsky."Crime and Punishment" raises mixed feelings among readers.Some regret the main character, someone treats him with disgust.I want to believe that the acquaintance with Sonya Marmeladova life-changing Rodion Raskolnikov.

conversation with the investigator, Rodion

To learn about how there were not any laid them things Raskolnikov comes to the investigator Porfiry Petrovich.Between them there is a long conversation.A former student says that there are two classes of people: the lowest and highest.He said that senior executives are entitled to "the blood of conscience."Insightful police suspects that in front of him sits a murderer old ladies.But he had no proof.

Mikolka admits to killing

It was not the last conversation with the investigator Raskolnikov.Soon murderer tormented by remorse and doubt in his theory, once again it comes to the police.The investigator manages to bring the offender to a nervous breakdown.His confession close.But all of a sudden murder takes on the painter from the village Mikolka.

recognition of Raskolnikov

It would seem to Rodion all ended well.He has a chance to avoid punishment.But the thought of committing atrocities do not give him no rest.He feels the need to someone to share them.Raskolnikov goes to Sonia and tells her everything.She regrets the murderer, saying that the flour more moral pangs of physical and invites him to atone for his sin recognition and subsequent punishment.However, Rodion did not agree with her.He does not want to feel "a loathsome creature."A former student comes home and meets an investigator Porfiry, who came to persuade him to confess to the murder.Rodion here trying to evade responsibility.But soon, our hero is still in the area to make a confession.After the trial, he is sent to hard labor in Siberia.Sonia Marmeladova settles beside him to share his meal.Gradually the killer is convinced that his theory only generates chaos and destruction.On the way to spiritual resurrection, he picks up the gospel.This episode is pumping his novel Dostoevsky."Crime and Punishment" go out in parts.Even after the publication of his work has been modified and shortened by the author.So it has come to our days.

Despite the complexity of the issues raised, the work of Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" is very easy to read.It is therefore recommended to read it in its entirety.