Roof roll material: types and composition

roofing roll material - the most popular way of finishing the roof of any country house.The modern market offers a wide choice of materials, each of which is good in its own way.What to prefer and what to look for when choosing?

main categories

all rolled roofing materials are divided according to the type of major foundations or unsupported.By type of component coating composition they are bitumen, bitumen-polymer or polymer.As a base can serve cardboard, asbestos, polymers, fiberglass or a combination of materials, and the protective layer has a fine grain, or a coarse fiberglass structure.All these types of roofing materials commonly used in construction.Consider the features of each type of detail.

Bitumen: cheap and easy

All roofing materials of this type allow to arrange a soft roof.The secret of their popularity - in the economy, but because of the short life (six years), the material is mainly used for the temporary buildings and non-residential facilities.Properties roofing material bitumen such that they can not withstand weathering as sunlight and temperature changes.

Types of bituminous materials

most popular in the series of bituminous materials is a roofing material.It is widely used in the suburban and individual construction, differing small cost.The life of a maximum of seven years, but it is widely used by individual developers.Roofing material - is rolled roofing material bitumen, which is a roofing felt impregnated with bitumen.The upper part has a scaly or coarse posypnoy surface, and can be without it.The lower part of the dust-like or fine-grained.Modern roofing or roofing material is backing.Installation involves bonding hot or cold mastics or use Tolev nails.

Parchment - is another material that is created from roofing paper and soaked in bitumen.The material is thin and less durable in comparison with the roofing material, so often used as a lining.

surfaced roofing materials

surfaced roof - is the perfect solution for arranging the roofs of buildings and structures in the field of industrial and civil construction.Such materials are suitable for both roof waterproofing and basement floors and ceilings.Surfaced roofing material is easy installation, so just a day you can do a lot of work.Its feature is that the bases used as rot-resistant fiberglass or fiberglass, which increase the strength.

as bitumen modifiers used polymers, which increase resistance to various influences, and increase durability.Surfaced roll roofing material has high elasticity and flexibility at low temperatures and high heat resistance.An important role in the structure of the deposited materials plays a top layer, whose mission - to protect the roof.Roof coating should provide protection from heat, ultraviolet radiation, precipitation.To minimize such effects applied coating Topping.

surfaced roofing waterproofing material often has posypku different factions - coarse or fine-grained, flaky or atomised.As the raw material used basalt, slate, sand, ceramic chips.When you select should be guided by several factors:

  1. relief complexity of the roof structure, and the angle of the slope.
  2. temperature regime in the region.
  3. Precipitation that falls in an average year.
  4. possible loads which may cause deformation.

bituminous materials for waterproofing

number of roofing materials not only serves to cover the construction, but also for its high-quality waterproofing.Among them - metalloizol.This material has a three-layer structure: bitumen - Foil - bitumen.This durable roofing showing excellent performance characteristics, has high strength and reliability.

not less popular bitumen roll roofing and waterproofing material called insulation.It is added in the production of tires, mineral sealing, an antiseptic and a polymeric additive.This composition is a guarantee that the material will show increased heat resistance.Suitable for roofing and floors of flat shape.Based asbotsellyulozy created flashing, the main difference is - rot-raised.It is widely used in waterproofing basements and areas that are poorly ventilated.

Thus, roofing asphalt roller and facing materials - a wide range of coatings that are executed in the form of paintings and can be used in different areas of construction.The secret of their popularity - at an affordable price, as well as increased resistance to various influences.

Bitumen-polymer materials

If surfaced roofing to cover the bottom layer of glue as a binder component, it will show good waterproofing properties.Roofing waterproofing surfaced material often has a binder component in the form of roofing asphalt and fillers in the form of polymer additives that affect the increase in service life and performance properties.

bitumen oxidation leads to increased heat resistance and reduce frost coating.To avoid such phenomena, are added atactic polypropylene (APP) or styrene-butadiene-styrene elastomers (SBS).In this way, roll roofing materials, polymer-bitumen.It is more expensive, but excellent performance characteristics combined with high reliability and durability will please many owners of country houses.

Features of bituminous-polymer materials for roofing

Two-roofing materials in rolls recently in high demand.They consist of bitumen and polymer, the amount of which is about twelve percent.The basis for this type of coverage are polyester, fiberglass, rubber pellets or thermoplastic.Such roofing roll material has a number of features:

  1. high ductility.
  2. resistance to cracking.
  3. possibility of operating in a different temperature range.
  4. High strength.
  5. Reduced temperature brittleness.
  6. Increased temperature softening.

Application of bitumen-polymer type of coverage advisable in the construction of a flat or pitched roofs with a maximum slope of twenty-five degrees.Alternatively, the coating can slide.Roll roofing materials for the top layer on the basis of bitumen and polymers are available in several types.


This multi-layer material consisting of a polyester film of polymerized bitumen as a base coat and a ceramic crumbs.Due modified additives can improve performance.This material has a number of species, the most popular of which are Copprflex coating with an outer layer of inert Aluflex copper and the outer layer of aluminum.These coatings are characterized by high heat resistance and durability.


roll roofing material "Izoplast" consists of polymerized bitumen and foundations in the form of polyester or glass fiber.It comes in two varieties - and the roof lining.The top layer is a coarse posypku front side and a polyethylene film on the other, and the lower layer - a polyethylene film, which is covered on both sides with a fine-grained fraction.Such a device material contributes to the fact that it takes flexibility, resistance to scrapping bending and cracking.The polymer film serves as a protection from the bottom surface and guarantee its safety.

other bitumen-polymer materials

Any roofing roll material on the basis of bitumen and polymer has a number of advantages:

  1. High quality binder component is a guarantee of reliability for any temperature changes.
  2. High elasticity effect on the improvement of flexibility at low temperature.
  3. coating has good adhesion to grit.

Popular construction materials may be mentioned roll roofing series "Technoelast."They are made on the basis of bilateral applying of polyester or fiberglass bitumen-polymer binder.It, in turn, consists of bitumen, SBS modifier and mineral filler in the form of dolomite or talc.A protective layer is created on the basis of the different fractions and spreading the polymer film.The coating is widely used in the creation of the roof membrane in various buildings, which operate in all climates.

polymer roll roofing materials

roll, polymer roofing material is created based on petroleum resins, or rubber.These kinds of coatings are the next generation and have a long life and high reliability.The period of operation reaches twenty years old and above, and they can cover the roof of any shape - flat, sloped, flat and even with round stingrays.Laying is done by gluing stripe or solid-based mastic adhesive, and the important role played by training base.Some materials are attached prigruza or mechanically.

polymer membrane

This modern roofing roll material, which is increasingly used in the repair and decoration of the roof.His popularity is caused not only high reliability, but also a wide range of colors, resistance to temperature extremes and durability, which reaches forty years.This innovative material is a single-layer roof, which is made of a flexible PVC welding with hot air.This roofing is different:

  • resistance to UV radiation;
  • immunity to the most adverse weather conditions;
  • resistance to a variety of bacteria, chemically aggressive substances;
  • resistance to rot and decay;
  • ability to create coatings with breathing effect.

All this distinguishes this roll roofing material (GOST established in the technical documentation) on the other.

types of polymer membranes

membranes based on PVC are the most common in Russia.They are made of polyvinyl chloride, which is added plasticizers.Their purpose is to increase the frost resistance and impart flexibility.Special reinforcing the foundation gives reliability and durability, and both parts of the joints are obtained strong and airtight.

membranes based on thermoplastic polyolefins are innovative materials, to which you add components that improve the performance of the fire and the surface.Such membranes are characterized by a combination of the advantages of PVC and rubber.Therefore, they are better aligned with the bitumen.This, in turn, affects the higher strength material.

EPDM membranes have a high elasticity and the ability to be operated for a long time in the most extreme conditions.They are available in reinforced and unreinforced, you need to increase the strength and reliability of the material.Thus, any kind characterized elasticity and strength.Package includes further details you can use to seal the difficult parts - sealants, fasteners.

Roofing materials class

Depending on the durability of all roofing bitumen materials are divided into several types:

  • premium (service life - 25-30 years);
  • business (service life - 15-25 years);
  • standard (service life - 10-15 years);
  • economy (service life - 10 years);
  • subekonom (lifetime maximum of five years)

The materials premium include a series of "Technoelast."Features of these products - the ability to create a breathable roof from which to evacuate moisture, which has the ability to reduce the durability of the roof.With this type of material is possible to equip a single-layered roofing, solving the problem with swellings and DIY installation easier and more convenient.For the arrangement of the lower layer of roofing can be used "Technoelast Fix", which makes it possible to mount the roofing carpet on the ground.The roof is resistant to deformation and able to withstand heavy loads.Operational features of the coating are such that it can be used in regions with any climatic conditions.

Among the materials business class can be divided into two - "Uniflex" and "Ecoflex".The first is good because it provides effective protection against moisture, contributing to the durability of the structure.And he and the other materials are waterproofing fabric that provides ventilation of the roof."Ecoflex" - the perfect solution for waterproofing roofs and underground structures.This roofing roll material appropriate to apply in regions with high-temperature.Due to the quality and reliability it will serve as a protection roof for quite a long time.Among the materials

standard class demand "Bipol."It has a solid foundation rot-that both sides covered with bitumen-polymer binder of high class.On the basis of this material it is possible to equip the roof with a small slope, seal the foundations of buildings and structures.

To apply cost-type "Linokrom K", by which the settling top layer of the roof membrane.It can be used as a vapor barrier material in the lower layer of the system.The protective layer is made of its fine-grained or polymer film.

¬ęBikrost" - a popular material which is waterproofing the canvas with a solid foundation based on bitumen.It is used when installing the lower layer of roof cladding.The protective layer is provided, or fine-grained film.The cheapest roofing roll material - a glassine.He is a roofing paper, which is further impregnated with oil bitumen.On the basis of this material can be repaired and to equip the roof lifetime maximum of five years.

Conclusion As you can see, today's manufacturers offer a wide range of roll roofing materials.Each of them has its own technical and operational features, each designed for a specific design of the roof.That is why it is important to consider the composition, characteristics and use of the climatic conditions of their own region.All this together will allow to choose the most suitable to the specific conditions of the building material.