Chocolate glaze of chocolate - for a happy life have nothing else!

sweet tooth all the world would agree that there is nothing tastier and sweeter than chocolate!It is uplifting, enjoyable sight, smell and touch!It can be easy to buy for myself or receive as a gift - and always will be a gift to the site!Not without reason chocolates are part of the traditional "gentleman's set" date for any occasion.

That is why in many, very many culinary recipes chocolate coating chocolate is offered as a fill: it will decorate and emphasize the taste of goodies, and just please the cook.Options preparing glaze set, everyone is a "brand" and the glaze gives a certain shade of taste: for chocolate glaze chocolate being prepared by heating a chocolate bar on a steam bath until a viscous mass.In this case, the glaze tastes associated with the selected flavor candy - the best, of course, use a lump of chocolate.He fired a little more complicated, but then it gets us all the favorite taste with a little bitterness, which, in fact, made of chocolate and a popular favorite.

If a hand suddenly appeared natural chocolate and icing do not, you can use the available food in the refrigerator and also get an excellent result.The main thing - the presence of cocoa, and better, that it was exactly the cocoa and not "Nesquik" or something like that.To get the goodies you need to mix two tablespoons of cocoa with two tablespoons of milk, 50 grams of melted butter, add cocoa and sugar divorced (can be powdered sugar).All this at a very low heat to heat until sugar is dissolved.Glaze turns delicate, very good running over the surface of the cake, but also quickly solidifies in a cool place out of the presence of oil.By the same token preparing chocolate glaze chocolate - cocoa instead add the grated chocolate.As a result of a small tile, we can get a pretty decent amount of glaze.

Chocolate glaze with sour cream is also preparing for the principle described above.All you need three tablespoons of sour cream, sugar and cocoa.The resulting mass is melted over low heat - and all!Pros of this recipe is that the glaze is not very sweet, sour, which gives it a sour cream.Very good it smeared with a thin layer, and slowly solidifies.Kids love to just crumble in a cookie icing and use it as a standalone treat.

Finally, professional chocolate coating chocolate.The recipe is divided into two parts.First, prepare the sauce: dark chocolate - 130 grams, the same amount of sour cream or cream, twice as much water, 70 grams of sugar.Melt - The stocks.It needs to bring to a boil and wait until the mixture thickens.Then, in a separate pan pour half a cup more cream, bring to a boil and add 100 grams of dark chocolate.Remove from the heat, introduce a piece of 4 teaspoons butter.In the resulting mass pour chocolate sauce.All!Chocolate glaze of chocolate will delight your taste the most demanding palates!It turns out quite viscous, and fans of goodies can use it as a sweet paste - just spreading on muffins or biscuits.Incredibly wrong food, but who deny yourself the pleasure to eat at times that harmful, but tasty?

If you do not have time and energy to cook something with your hands, you can buy a powder for chocolate glaze.It is designed on the principle of "just add water" - and enjoy!Choose what you taste, raduyte his household and uplifting - it was the chocolate is able to bring out of the doldrums and give strength to overcome a difficult situation.Sweet your life with chocolate frosting!