Rules and regulations of the labor process are reflected in the safety instructions

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Every worker, are employed in the company, should be aware of all the nuances of the proposed work.In accordance with the law, he must read the safety instructions, read them.Most often, a specialist conducts briefing on labor protection.

He tells beginners about labor regulations, duties, precautions in the workplace.Also, for example, can cause accidents have occurred due to lack of awareness of worker safety or violation of its rules.However, many business executives do not pay enough attention to this point, which leads to accidents, fire, accidents in the workplace.Every worker must have the appropriate protective clothing or form, if required by the specifics of the tasks.If the work have access to harmful substances, it is necessary to give each employee a gas mask or special masks.

The safety instructions detail painted and means of providing first aid in case of emergency situation.To those do not occur, you must clearly know how to organize the workplace in accordance with all safety requirements, and how to keep it clean.Safety instructions reflect the practices that are most appropriate.They will save on occupational diseases, poisonings and injuries.When working with hazardous substances is particularly important to observe good personal hygiene to protect themselves from exposure to them.

Almost all companies similar procedure training.OSH it takes place in several stages.Mandatory induction training concerning the enterprise as a whole, as well as directly to the workplace.Once the employee gained seniority for a period of two years, an expert in occupational safety and health, a refresher briefing for him.

Labor Code strictly defines all the requirements of labor protection necessary to ensure maximum safety of employees stay at the company.These rules are very strict.Their implementation is monitored by third parties.The employer, in accordance with them and in accordance with safety instructions must provide decent, safe working conditions.All buildings of the enterprise and its equipment must undergo a special test for suitability.Also, the head shall be removed from the work of those who did not pass the test of knowledge of safety standards and listened to the safety instructions.

If the enterprise has the means for this, for all workers should be carried out periodic medical examination.And in the case of illness in the workplace occupational safety specialist is required to deliver the employee to the clinic urgently.In order to avoid unpleasant situations that threaten the health, you must comply with all rules and regulations organizing the labor process.