Radiation safety - protection from ionizing radiation

Radiation safety is a complex of measures, which are directed at protecting human populations and various objects from the effects of ionizing radiation.All activities are aimed at creating optimal conditions for the use of various sources of radiation in the treatment and other fields, without prejudice to public health.

Radiation safety and the development of criteria by which you want to evaluate different types of negative radiation.I must say that a number of radiobiological experiments performed in which study the effect of ionizing rays on living organisms and their systems.In addition, the experts determine the state of health of people who work in hazardous conditions, as well as those who are exposed to radiation.The greatest attention is paid to the relationship of the intensity of radiation and its side-effects on the body.

as a parameter that indicates the severity of adverse effects when exposed to ionizing radiation, the equivalent dose is used.It should be noted that the rules of the indicator specified in the special legislative documents.

radiation safety includes the development of methods of assessment and prediction of the effects of atomic energy.This helps to ensure normal conditions of life and work of the people, and to protect the environment from ionizing radiation.

The characteristics of various sources of radiation, study patterns, scale and nature of the spread of radioactive substances.

This allows you to choose the best means of protection, create optimal working conditions, and if necessary - to establish a special sanitary-throughput mode.

Radiation Safety performs another important task - to create an effective system of monitoring, which is carried out using special equipment and calculation methods.

Its main tasks may also include:

• reducing exposure;

• creation of a system of radiation control, which allows timely identification of specific violations and eliminate them.

set of activities that are carried out in order to reduce exposure depends on the nature of the process of application of radioactive substances.In addition, an important role played by the destination type atomic power plants, which then are used.Thus, radiation safety when working with closed sources of ionizing rays directed to the protection against external radiation fluxes.In the production or processing of materials of this kind is taking steps to prevent their spread in the environment and contact with living organisms.

I must say that there is such a thing as a medical radiobiology.It is a complex discipline that studies the use of ionizing radiation in medicine and includes clinical radiobiology, radiation therapy, diagnosis using radionuclides, radiation hygiene.It is worth noting that the medical radiology and radiation safety are closely linked, because only a clear and proper dosing of the irradiation allows for the correct diagnosis and to receive a positive therapeutic effect.