"Fox tail" - a hairstyle for medium to long hair.

Many girls grow long straight hair, do not know what to do with them.Indeed, the option to create original hairstyles weight, but just to have a straight long hair - it's not exactly original, one might even say boring.How to change the shape of the hair, but at the same time be the owner of a beautiful long hair?What hairstyle will suit?The most popular and fashionable nowadays option can rightly be considered "fox tail".Pruning in this case, it may be suitable for long hair (their growth usually reaches below the waist line), and for medium hair (their length varies from the shoulders to the waist).

want change?Then the "fox tail" - great

All holders of long smooth hair have not changed their hairstyles for a long time, because after a long and hard otraschivaniya women sometimes decide to take a desperate step and cut off their hair to the maximum.For those who do not want these global changes, and wants to slightly change the shape of hair, it would be a great option "fox tail".Mowing especially those that have a unique edge edging hair: hair, located in the middle, have a maximum length, and the closer to the edge (to the temporal lobes), so they become smaller.It forms the shape similar to a triangle that all resembles a real "fox tail".It looks such a haircut in a special elegant and feminine, but it is suitable only for hair length below the shoulder blades in the back.

structure of the hair is very important

only problem faced by women when choosing a form of installation, this is it will fit or not.Indeed, the nuances in creating a lot of hairstyles, this also applies to the length, and having to face the girls' fox tail. "Grooming of this kind requires that all locks are of different length, because some locks are easy on the face, and some are so long that they are on the back below the waist.You can make such a hairstyle on curly and straight hair.Sleek and stylish all the same this form looks exactly on direct thick hair.If the woman - the owner of the long but sparse hair, the shape of this is to give up, because of the minimal number of strands look like the "tail" is as if it tore.When doing haircut "fox tail" of long hair, it is also faced with the edges.Barbers necessarily have to their milling, or make ragged to "fox tail" turned out not with the chopped off edges, with smooth edge of his.

Availability bangs or lack thereof - whether it is important for cutting "fox tail»

All types of hairstyles can be divided into two broad categories:

  • with a bang;
  • without a bang.

advantage of this hairstyle is just that the mere presence or absence of fringe does not affect the shape of hair, as it simply is not affected during the trimming hair.A girl can not worry about her hairstyle will always look stylish and feminine, if this "fox tail".Mowing such a plan should be discussed in advance with the hairdresser: how long will the longest strand, and what would be the best short hair in the temporal part.With this clarification of the hairdresser will be easier to work knowing "limit", and long hair will stay as good as the girl to grow up going to the salon.

Haircut "fox tail".On the long curls - is the best option, but what a plus "fox tail" on the hair of medium length?

advantage of this hairstyle is also the fact that she can continue to grow as their hair and, if you wish, to trim them regularly on the set earlier form.Such as hair, if necessary, easy to "straighten out", to make exactly the same level of length, just cutting them through the short strands.Watching such a hairstyle is really stylish and elegant it on long hair, but if the owner of medium length and decided to make a "fox tail", then it will be a plus for that then such hair can grow for a long time, even without visiting a hair salon.

«Fox tail" - stylish, fashionable and easy

When the girls are trying to choose a favorite option, they take into account not only the appearance of a half-hour after the installation, but also the shape of the hair, even after scratching.Haircuts "fox tail" in the medium and long hair are convenient in that thanks to its unusual shape for a beautiful packing enough to dissolve the strands them carefully comb and a little fix with varnish.Doing such a haircut, you can be calm, "fox tail" is ideal for pilings with bangs and without it.

Moreover, such a haircut does not require girls complete rejection of his hair length, because the image of women is changing, but the fact that the hair is left long, happy owners even more.

do "fox tail" is necessary only in professional salons, as a special "trick" of the hairstyle is that the edge of the scissors to cut a particular angle, so that they are bent inwards, making packing volume.