Fire ladder: types and uses

Fire Escape - this is a very important part of any home.Important because it is a simple device saves people in case of fire or other hazardous apartments accidents in high-rise apartment building or another building.For example, firefighters can quickly and easily get into the fire and to eliminate fire.

Unfortunately, this is not given due attention, and many stairs in case of fire, that is, in the homes of the Soviet Union, in an unsatisfactory condition.Historically, utilities did not provide funds for such necessary precautions as a fire escape.For this reason, the possibility of a better person to take up the case.Moreover, it is a guarantee of safety of your family and your children.

people who live in new homes, a little more luck.Modern fire escape in most cases made of metal.It is very durable and can withstand heavy loads.It is the most heat-resistant and at the same time easy to install.Naturally, the fire escapes of plastic or wood does not happen.But there is one exception - ladders that can be made of wood.The most important advantage is the low weight that allows you to use this device in case of emergency.Most often they are used to lift the fire team to the first floor through a window.Also, these add up the stairs for easy carrying, and even in such a convenient punching of wooden doors.

Still there are rope fire escapes.But such a view of them quite rare.In our country they are little, but in other countries, such as Japan, they are used.In this country there are stairs in every hotel room.They help to evacuate people during the earthquakes that frequently occur in these places.I wonder what people are rope ladders are made by hand, using simple components that have each other.

We return to homes that were built during the Soviet era.It often happens that in such buildings is a fire escape on the balcony.Some landlords are very unhappy with this turn of events.Some of them leave everything as is, while others removed the ladder and even brewed hatch, thereby violating safety rules.It should not do!One shudders to think what will the residents of the house and firefighters in the event of a serious fire.

Ladder fire - is not just a ladder.This is a very important element of a house.And if all men neglected safety measures, it is not known who will be responsible for the accident.In our country, have not controlled by the presence or lack of access to the fire escape.They cleaned, hanging locks on the hatches.People are afraid of thieves and want their balconies were beautiful.No one even thought does not allow that in life anything can happen, and that none of us - the residents of apartment buildings - are not insured against accident ...