When ragweed blooms?

Every year the number of allergy sufferers.Spring flowering does not enjoy the beauty of nature awakening to many people.And when it seems that the end of the flowering period of trees, you can relax, danger begins to come from the grass.It is especially dangerous time when ragweed blooms - plant, is considered a strong allergen.What is the danger for the person of the weeds, and how to fight it?

acquaintances, ragweed ragweed

homeland is North America.But as a weed in our time it is brought in many parts of the world.On the territory of the Soviet Union, this herb began in the late sixties, in the Crimea.From there it spread to the expanses of Ukraine, then Moldova, Russia and partly in Belarus.This plant, which is a pernicious weed, the soil dries and takes from it the essential minerals for the growth of crops.Vymahal it can be up to two meters, and the root system penetrates deep into the soil.A special feature is the inability to get rid of it, if not to destroy the shoots with the roots.Otherwise breaking through on-site grow multiple stems, further strengthen the root system.

danger to human ragweed

When ragweed begins to bloom, pollen gets into the air, the concentration of which can cause allergic reactions, even in healthy people who have never suffered from this disease.For the season ragweed distributes tens of thousands of seeds, most of which will sprout and give the same posterity.Thus, the spread of this plant takes the form of an epidemic, and its negative impact on the population every year increases.

fight against ambrosia

order to start effectively combat the insidious plant, you need to know the enemy's face.For information on how to look ambrosia not find it so difficult.First, many government and non-governmental organizations distributing leaflets with photos, secondly, your neighbors and acquaintances can point you to this herb.In an extreme case, you can look in the encyclopedia.When ragweed blooms with cultivated plants in the fields, the tips of its destruction are reduced to the use of specific pesticides.For ordinary people it is quite enough to deal with it the old fashioned way, pulling out the plants by the roots.Of course, we have to do it more than once over the summer, but worth the effort.Grass, who ascended after the due date, can shorten the cycle of maturation that still ottsvesti.Therefore, it is important not to see these new stages of ragweed seedlings.Weed grass in the period when ragweed begins to bloom, and not only, you must dress, which covers the most hands and feet, keeping a minimum of exposed skin, wear gloves, a respirator.Vomited grass should definitely burn, or even in a dry form, it will distribute the seeds.And they in turn have properties germinate before reaching full maturity.Here's a she, ragweed.

Signs of an allergic reaction to ragweed

People with allergies are closely monitoring their health by taking preventative measures in order to avoid serious consequences of adverse reactions.Healthy do not really pay attention to the fact that the flowers nearby, and often can not determine the time the allergy.Nasal congestion, sneezing and breathing difficulties are often confused with the symptoms of the common cold, and try to be treated invented ailments.As a result of advanced stages of disease, threatening dire consequences for the whole organism.Prolonged contact with the flourishing development of allergies is ragweed, which in the future may appear to other stimuli.To these symptoms of this disease include itching and redness all sorts, which at first no one pays attention.If you have a connection to the land, it must know how to ragweed blooms.Photos plants found in any botanical publication, allow time to fight the treacherous enemy.Of course, all the plants in the area, you will not be able to destroy, but clearing the surrounding areas will be a big deal.In some places introduced fines for gardeners and farmers on whose sites grow bushes ambrosia.

flowering period

So, the most difficult period for people who are allergic to flowering, is a time when the ambrosia flowers.Of course, much depends on the weather conditions and the area each year, but generally from the end of July until the first frost continues this disaster.Sensitive people can respond to the plant, located in a radius of two kilometers.Especially the air is saturated with pollen of flowering plants in the early morning.Therefore, whatever seemed fresh air, you can not go out.Thorough washing of hands, face and other exposed body parts after walking - is also an important element of prevention.One should not forget about wet cleaning and screens on the windows, which would be prevented from entering the housing pollen.

methods of treatment

We all know that prevention is better than cure.Therefore, the easiest recipe is moving - at least temporarily - to a place where not grow ambrosia.But, unfortunately, this is not always feasible.Therefore, patients should be aware of the means by allergies to ragweed bloom.In this modern age we suggested several forms of treatment.The most advanced, and at the same time is quite long and costly is immunotherapy.It is somewhat similar to vaccination.Man in small doses of allergen are administered to the body used to fight it and started to respond.Perform these procedures in the winter to take place adaptation.That is, the body is ready to advance to the beginning of the period when the ambrosia flowers.Another method - homeopathy, through which the cleansing of the body and increase immunity.Well, the traditional method - receiving antihistamines ("Tavegil", "Suprastin", "Klaridol" and so on. N.) During acute illness, which relieve the severity of symptoms.

Reviews of methods of treatment

Unfortunately, each individual reacts differently to certain methods of treatment.Someone helps, homeopathy, and this for many years, and someone does not see the results of a long and expensive course.It's the same with drugs.Injections of the drug "Diprospan" help to seamlessly migrate the flowering period of ragweed.But being a hormonal drug, it has many side effects that can create even more serious problems.Many allergists recommend to relieve shortness of breath and nasal means "Tsiterizin", "Feksadin", "Citrine".But again, it all individually.Someone does not help the latest expensive drugs, and some good old diazolin saved.Therefore, the only reasonable way out - an appeal to the good expert, who conducted the survey and identifying the stage of the disease, to offer the best treatment regimen.