How to get rid of allergies forever?

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allergy not only makes a person feel uncomfortable, but also can expose his life in danger.Why some people are more sensitive than others to such a banal and commonplace for all things, such as milk, nuts or dust?How can I learn whether you or your children allergy and how to fight it?What is an allergy?How it manifests itself, what are its symptoms and how to diagnose?By answering these questions, you will be able to protect themselves from improper actions that could cause significant damage to your health.

What is an allergy?

The immune system protects the body from many substances in the air that people breathe, contained in the food that he eats, as well as the subjects to which it touches.

allergy - a reaction of the immune system to banal elements of the environment to which it ideally should not have to respond.You can often hear a term such as "allergens."What it is?This is something that is an allergy.Allergens are substances that trigger allergic reactions.In turn, the antibodies produced by the body in response to an allergen immunoglobulins are called E. If the result of a series of tests in the body, these antibodies are identified, then the doctor diagnoses an allergy.

Despite the relatively high level of development, which reached a medicine today, one can not say with absolute certainty why some seemingly quite harmless substances trigger individual people have an allergic reaction.Increased risk factor is genetic predisposition.Thus, if one parent is allergic, the risk that their child will suffer from an allergy is 48%.The figure rises to 70% in the case of allergic reactions if exposed to both parents.Of course, every parent wonders about how to get rid of allergies forever.To do this, you first need to know what types of allergies exist and what are the main symptoms and signs.

allergies and their symptoms

What is an allergy?To answer this question, it should be noted the main types.So allergy is:

  1. Respiratory (rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, allergic asthma).In the case of allergy rhinitis: sneezing, itchy nose, runny nose.When allergic asthma occurs itching of the palate and the ears, fatigue, headaches, lack of appetite, decreased or absent sense of smell (anosmia or hyposphresia), cough, wheezing when breathing, shortness of breath (dyspnea).Contact
  2. arising in contact with various metals, household cleaning products, foodstuffs.The manifestation of this type of allergy can be seen on the skin.It is an atopic dermatitis, dermatitis, urticaria.Among the main symptoms should be noted redness, blistering, swelling of the extremities, itching.
  3. food, which occurs when a tactile contact with certain food, or immediately after eating.Most often this type of allergy manifested as anaphylactic shock.
  4. Insect, which appears as a result of insect bites, or when a person inhales the particles of their life.
  5. Medicinal arising as a reaction to medication.This type of allergy is dangerous because it affects the internal organs.
  6. Infectious manifested in the body's response to its own germs and bacteria.

allergy (daily or seasonal), as well as its intensity varies from case to case, depending on the presence or absence of the allergen.

main allergens

Doctors recommend everyone at least in general terms, to know what is an allergy.Among the major allergens should note the following:

- The pollen of trees and plants.

- mites living and eating household dust.

- Certain foods - cow's milk, eggs, wheat, soy, seafood, a variety of fruits and nuts.

- spores of fungi and mold, resulting in baths and other rooms with high humidity.

- Certain medications - "Penicillin", "aspirin", anesthetics.

- Nickel, rubber, hair dye (allergens that come into contact with the skin).

- Wool pets - dogs, cats, horses, hamsters.

- bee and wasp venom.

How to diagnose an allergy?

Before thinking about how to get rid of allergies forever, you must know how to identify it.To diagnose an allergy, and even more so to identify the allergen that provokes it, it is quite difficult.To do this, we conducted a series of special tests.For example:

  1. prick testing - a prick or scarring of the skin.This method is the cheapest and fastest, is used to detect allergy and is suitable for both adults and children.It is absolutely safe for health.Test results are usually ready in 15-20 minutes.
  2. blood test to detect antibodies IgE, that is, groups of causal allergens.This method is more expensive, and studies are underway for several days.
  3. Spirometry - a method used to detect respiratory allergies.Allergist is measured using a device called a spirometer, the volume of air in the lungs of the patient.This method is repeated several times, at different times of the day.Thanks to spirometry, it is possible to assess the severity and determine the stage of asthma.
  4. of elimination tests which are based on elimination diet.It lies in the fact that the diet of the patient is completely eliminated the alleged allergenic foods.If after 1-2 weeks of human health is improved, it can be concluded that the product discharged from the menu is the true cause of allergies.

How to overcome allergic to cats?

Sometimes it happens that some people do not even know that they are allergic to cats.How to get rid of it, because with the advent of fluffy lumps house rush of happiness and joy?If we abandon the new member of the family above your strength, the doctor will first prescribe treatment with antihistamines.Besides, today in pharmacies can find a variety of nasal sprays and eye drops, which will recommend a pharmacist, depending on the symptoms exhibited.In the case of an asthma attack allergist prescribe drugs, struggling with severe respiratory illness.However, if, despite all efforts, an allergic reaction is not retreating, unfortunately, from the pet will still have to be abandoned.

In cases where the allergy does not cause significant discomfort and medications to successfully manage and facilitate its manifestations, you can leave your beloved pet at home.It is necessary to follow some simple rules:

- cat regularly bathe;

- do not allow her to sleep in the master room, and even more so on the bed;

- as often as possible to change the litter box;

- conduct daily wet cleaning in the house;

- recommended neutered cat.

Since forever to get rid of allergies is almost impossible, these rules should be your law!

How to deal with allergies to dogs?

dog - is not only a good friend, but also a great and very effective antidepressant, which guarantees a good mood and state of mind.However, things can ruin banal allergic to dogs.How to get rid of it?This issue is becoming a major one of those who asked the loving owner.In the event of an allergic reaction to the treatment of dogs must appoint a physician.He will evaluate the intensity of symptoms and select the optimal therapy for each individual.The patient may be recommended even immunotherapy, which is based on the impact on the human immune system.

Although there is no such treatment, which is to get rid of allergies to dogs, though to some extent can help the following tips:

- is necessary to thoroughly wash your hands after any contact with animals;

- wash your dog at least once a week a special hypoallergenic shampoo;

- the entrance to the animal in your room should be closed;

- buy pillows and blankets with polyester filling;

- get rid of carpets and upholstered furniture, which absorb allergens;

- regularly use the air freshener;

- keep the house clean and do not allow dust to accumulate;

- refrain from smoking, as this habit reduces the body's resistance to allergens and exacerbates the problem with light.

it possible to quickly and permanently get rid of allergies?

Unfortunately, those who are interested in how to quickly get rid of allergies, especially to please nothing.Of course, the symptoms and manifestations of allergy to fight not only possible, but necessary.However, this takes time.Strictly follow all recommendations and regulations allergist.If you retreat even one step from the treatment, all previous efforts will go down the drain, and the allergic reaction does not take long.

effective antiallergic preparation "Diprospan"

name of this medication are more likely to be heard in response to a question on how to get rid of allergy ever using drugs.This antiallergic drug can be purchased at any pharmacy.It helps to eliminate the symptoms of severe allergic reactions, as well as helping to fight the attacks of breathlessness, characteristic of asthma.In addition, the pharmacological agent is successfully used as emergency aid in anaphylactic shock.It is impossible not to note the effectiveness of the drug "Diprospan" in the treatment of hives, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, bronchial spasm.This medicament is manufactured solely in the form of solution for injection.Each package contains 10 ampoules 5 or drug.Each contains 1 ml of solution.

Opinions about the drug allergies "Diprospan"

huge number of people are able to evaluate the effectiveness of this drug as "Diprospan."Allergy and its manifestations, it eliminates much better and faster than many other drugs.Most allergy sufferers claim that as long as they learned about the facility "Diprospan", it never disappears from their home kit.Although some side effects of the drug, it has become indispensable to simply suffering from a variety of allergic reactions.With medication "Diprospan" not terrible allergy.Reviews of hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people are the best evidence of this undeniable fact.

Instead of conclusion

According to the latest statistics, today one in four suffers from any allergies.If the growth trend continues, by 2020, every second can call myself allergic.Somehow, society is not taken seriously.An allergy is regarded as something banal.But this is wrong.Because of a severe allergic reaction a person can die.I agree that it is not easy to live with the thought that the food that you used in the restaurant, or medication that you took to relieve the pain one way or another, can cause death.That is why allergies should be taken seriously, see a doctor and strictly follow all its recommendations and regulations.