Mystic - what is this?

Many people believe that the mystic - is something inexplicable, inaccessible to the understanding of human consciousness.However, this word, there are several values ​​that are significantly different from each other.

Mysticism and religion

In its original sense of mysticism - is a kind of religious practice, which aims to achieve union with the supreme intelligence, as well as a set of rules that regulate and explain its meaning.Mystical practice, the purpose of which is to establish a connection with God and divine powers called religious mysticism.

In today's world, people are accustomed to mean by mystic various manifestations of supernatural forces, divination, occultism, suggestive fear and terror.As a rule, all the mystics call what a person can not give a reasonable interpretation.

Any religion denies mysticism.In this mystic and denies the existence of God.However, if you think about the vision of the prophets and the saints, in which all religions are based, it is nothing but a manifestation of the mystical.Despite the age-old conflict of religion and mysticism, most people believe in God, do not rule out the existence of other with the inexplicable forces.

Science and Mysticism

A few centuries ago, our ancestors could not be explained in terms of science are many phenomena and their mystical thought.They worshiped the various elements and the stars, believed in the forest spirits, deified natural phenomena.But now scientists have found a scientific explanation for all of the processes occurring in nature, and what used to be a mystery to people now natural and understandable.

It is possible, everything that today people call the word "mysticism" - is really just unexplored area of ​​human knowledge.Perhaps, after some time, ghosts, poltergeists, healing and divination stop imposing on people a cooling horror.And the answer to the question of whether there is life after death, will be as simple as, for example, why the rain.

Mystic - is the philosophy of being a very broad concept, which can be called everything that defies reasonable explanation.Once science has to some extent explains the nature of the mysterious phenomenon, it immediately ceases to be mysterious.Therefore, there will be a mystic in our lives only as long as the scientific knowledge of humanity will not go to a higher level.

Mystic as a genre film

Mystery - a genre of contemporary cinema, combining all the movies about the supernatural and paranormal phenomena.Many refer to this category of horror films.Fans of esoterica like thrills watching horror films, so filmmakers shoot more and more movies in this genre.

to cause a genuine sense of fear, mystical films based on secret human phobias.People are trying to find in the mystical film answers to the questions that concern them.The more close to the reality of the film, the stronger the feeling of anxiety and horror while viewing it.

mysticism and fantasy in the movies

Films made in the genre of science fiction, can also be attributed to the mystical.Characters such films are often unknown to the fabulous creatures.They do not suggest an icy fear in the audience.But as you know, fairy tales are based on stories of our ancestors, who could somehow come into contact with these creatures.In science fiction films have a share inexplicable, and thus the mystical.

Believe it or not in the existence of mystical - matter.However, those who can see in the daily routine of something mysterious and inexplicable, makes your life more interesting and brighter.Mystic - is what allows us to get closer to something magical and expand the boundaries of his own consciousness.