What makes lip gloss?

Female lip gloss has a longer history than familiar to us lipstick.The first mass production of lip gloss was launched in 1932.Today, it takes pride of place in every woman's purse.Gloss effectively emphasizes the natural beauty of the lips and gives an optical volume.Makeup using it looks youthful and fresh.It is also the subject of cosmetics to hide small wrinkles on the lips.

Every girl at least once wondered of what makes lip gloss.Modern women have become more sophisticated consumers than a couple of decades ago.Most often, they opt for products made from natural materials, environmentally friendly components, which contain useful vitamins and minerals.

Composition lip gloss

Asked about that, from what makes lip gloss, it is first necessary to say that it is often the basis of glycerin, paraffin, petroleum jelly and various oils.Excellent basis for shine is shea butter and jojoba oil, grape seed and other natural ingredients.

color pigments in the composition of the light is small, because it gives a pleasant shade, and not painted in vibrant colors.

based lipsticks may also include many of the listed ingredients.For example, lipstick "Faberlic" is a part of shea butter and shea butter.

Vitamin supplements as part of lip gloss

Vitamins A, B, C, E, D as a part of the light will help keep the youth of your lips and smooth out small wrinkles.They help slow down the aging process.Vitamins are also a natural protective filter against ultraviolet radiation.

lip gloss with anti-aging effect

Many modern manufacturers offer a wide range of brightness with anti-aging effect.For example, lip gloss Dior is composed of microspheres of hyaluronic acid.This component is instantly fills mikromorschiny, creating the effect of smooth, sensual and volume of the lips.With prolonged use, the manufacturer guarantees the formation of a clear lip contour relief and recovery.

effect lip volume

Create additional volume will help glosses, as part of which there is silicone.Lip Gloss "Avon" incorporates dimethicone - ingredient silicone band, which allows you to optically increase the size of the lips, making them fuller and curvy.

second group of components that increase the volume of the lips are natural extracts that activate blood circulation.These are extracts of pepper, ginger and mint.This nice lips acquire a reddish tint.If you set for when buying a question of doing what lip gloss with the effect of increasing the volume, then pay attention to a part of these components have been cosmetic.Great visual effect of volume allow to create brilliance with oils, which tend to reflect sunlight.

more useful components in the glare

  1. UV filters.In today's market there are many cosmetic funds shine, to help protect your lips from UV rays.Lipstick "Faberlic" become indispensable in your purse in the hot summer days.It protects your lips from the sun and does not spread.
  2. hydrants.This group of materials creates a film on the surface of the skin of the lips, whereby there is no evaporation of epidermal layers, prevents the occurrence of cracks and dryness, prevents peeling.Lip Gloss "Faberlic" is composed of these substances, thereby has excellent moisturizing properties.
  3. Mica.It creates a shimmering shine effect on the lips.
  4. iron oxide, titanium dioxide.Finding these components as part of the funds should not be scared, they show color pigments, to put it simply - dyes.
  5. parabens and preservatives.Unfortunately, they are not without cost, no cosmetic, because they are responsible for the duration of the storage.Modern manufacturers offer eco-friendly cosmetics products without these ingredients, but be aware that the use of such funds more than a couple of months did not happen.

Home lipgloss

Create natural lip gloss is possible at home.Belle will be the basis for the light paraffin, petroleum jelly and coconut oil in the ratio of 1: 1: 1.All components should be mixed in a water bath until smooth, add one caramel.It will give your facility a wonderful aroma and a pleasant sweet taste.Cool - and means ready for use.

If you want lip gloss with a certain color pigment, then it can be done on the basis of the berries.As a basis we can take the paraffin and petrolatum and enrich it well peredavlennymi through a sieve and passed through the gauze berries.Then, in the fall do not shine skins and bones.If you are not allergic to honey, then there will be an extra spoon of honey.It has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, is composed of a large number of beneficial vitamins and minerals.Ready shine store in the refrigerator.

To understand, from what makes lip gloss, you should carefully read its ingredients on the package.Do not defeat the information which the manufacturer indicates the fine print.Often the most important components are listed there.