As the lead, left the woman.

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6 helpful tips.

1. pytaycya not work like a man.Work as a woman.

It is obvious that women are weak, and she need not demonstrate increased efficiency and stubbornness, the more that business - it does not combine or slaughter, success does not come to those who work more, and those who work better.Use the fact that you're a woman.The absence of excessive ambition, ability to communicate and to win sympathy, flexibility and the same "female diplomacy", which is not known to all hearsay exemplary husbands - that's what a woman leader is stronger than any man.

2. Appearance - your weapon.

not take the example of the heroine of the movie "Office Romance" (until its miraculous transformation).Excessive originality in the toilets, of course, are not welcome, but it's better for you to take a frivolous secretary than female Commissioner of the Soviet cinema.Your appearance - tools, weapons, which, incidentally, are deprived of almost all male leader.So, it is not masked, but on the contrary - to use.Think how many customers prefer to deal with a pretty woman choosing between her and the male leader, ceteris paribus.

3. Manual of experience and knowledge, not emotions.

for women leaders, tend to make decisions under the influence of emotions, it is important to remember this for a feature and never rush, especially if there is no way back, and it is not about negligence charwoman and a major contract.

Your mind and experience should carry out the bulk of their professional duties.A heart .. heart can sometimes participate in personnel matters, but for the most part it is useful to you during off-hours.

4. Listen to the advice of employees, regardless of their sex.

Like it or not, and caste thinking is common to almost all people.Hippies and yuppies, fans of "Spartacus" and "Dynamo", men and women often have greater confidence in the members of their social group.And often - in vain.After all, if you do not listen to the opinion of a man, very unlike you, then most likely you do not learn anything new.
need to confer with experts, and not with men or women.

5. To prove their professionalism, act only in the interests of the company.

Often women experience some difficulty in communicating with specialists-men working under their direction.Of course, some men in this situation readily demonstrate some flippant attitude to the powers and professional competence of women.

earned respect, compel staff to treat yourself as if you were a man - in such a situation should not be the main goal.The main thing to fulfill the tasks set before you, the business - not take place two months later, all employees understand how effective you are as a boss.A very unpleasant situation may occur otherwise: you throw all the power for the approval of his power, and no one will manage the business.

6. Do not choose between family and work.

order to "place", the majority of women is not enough business - family and children no less, and perhaps even more important.Therefore every female executives needed.

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