How to freeze vegetables for the winter?

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Convenience frozen products is obvious.Their use is not comparable to those sold in the fresh winter on the shelves of the store.Freeze vegetables quite simple.If you have a healthy diet, then you need to purchase a freezer and store all the gifts of nature.Here's how to freeze the most popular vegetables.

As freeze squash?

The first step is to rinse them well and dry.If you plan to add them to the soup, then you need to cut small cubes and place in a small a la carte packages.Why small?Because if you put everything in one big, it will be difficult to separate and get some, and freeze thawed and again is impossible, as all the vitamins lost.To do this, you need to freeze the vegetables in small bags or containers.

can freeze zucchini rings, they were remarkably suited for frying.To fry them in the winter, not necessarily to defrost, but you can just dip into the flour and place in a pan with butter.

How to freeze eggplant?

In general, the freezing process does not differ from eggplant frozen zucchini.They can be cut into circles or small cubes and place in a small package containers.

If you ask people about what to freeze vegetables for the winter, the most popular answer is - cauliflower and tomatoes.

As freeze cauliflower?

this product - it's just a classic of the genre.It is so versatile that it can be added to any dish completely.Therefore, all of frost it in large quantities.

To freeze cabbage, it must be well rinsed under running cold water and allow to dry.When the cabbage is dry, it is necessary to disassemble it into equal small florets.Small portions put in a pre-prepared containers.

as frost tomatoes?

Frozen tomatoes - it's very tasty and healthy!Firstly, they can be added to any dish instead of ketchup.Secondly, fans scrambled eggs with tomatoes may at any time to cook your favorite dish.If you have small tomatoes, it is necessary to wash them well, put on a towel and allow to dry.Next you need to put them in bags and clean.Do not forget one small drawback - if the tomato unfreeze it "float."Large tomatoes can be cut into portions and put into the freezer.

Through this method, you will be able to freeze vegetables for the winter in any amount, to please yourself and your family a delicious meal.

very popular peppers stuffed with meat and rice.Unfortunately, the winter on the shelves can be found only expensive and "artificially" grown fruits of this vegetable.It is therefore necessary to take care and start to freeze vegetables in the fall.

As freeze peppers?

Pepper should be well washed, remove the seeds and dry well.Since pepper can "infect" your smell all the other vegetables in the freezer, you must pack it in several packages.Freeze must be whole, putting a pepper in another to save space in the freezer.

can chop peppers into cubes and put with other vegetables.In winter, get a tasty stew.

Now you know how to freeze vegetables for the winter and to please all these vitamins.